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Friday, September 10, 2010

Walterama - Projeto Walterama (Um Tributo A Little Walter)

Styles : Diatonic & Chromatic Harp
Released : 2009

1 - Na Funcao
2 - Happy Hours
3 - Walterando
4 - Slow Boogie
5 - Jacobs Convention
6 - Off Line
7 - Take 7
8 - Meia Noite
9 - Tweenty Weeks
10 - Walterama
11 - Hi-Fi
12 - Waltinho

The Walterama began when a group of musicians saw the need to honor one of the most revolutionary of the blues harmonica players, American Little Walter. Thus was formed the instrumental sextet Walterama, which was based on music from Walter to produce new compositions, which show the potential of the harmonica in environments not yet explored the musical instrument, such as using unusual played on the diatonic suit. The project not only aims to disseminate the work of American harmonica player, but also inspires the attitude of Walter, who in the '50s, along with his fellow Chicago blues brought to a new guise. Little Walter was also highlighted by the timbre of the flute, first plugged into an amplifier, making it robust as ever heard. Along with other musicians, including Muddy Waters, they showed that the blues could renew itself, to gain new spaces, the streets go to the nightclubs. To that same end, Walterama shows the harmonica in addition to their common borders.

Directed by Fernando Xavier, produced and composed by Bruno Buzzo, the project consists of Walterama Bruno on bass, guitar Igor Brazil, Raphael Glover on drums and bagpipes unheard of a suit that shows three different approaches to promote the instrument a unique sound . Rodrigo Eisinger blows the chromatic harmonica, Paul Gazelle focuses on trade with diatonic tonal and Fernando Xavier with a single diatonic Bends Croma C (sorry) played using the technique of Howard Levy.

Walterama keeps playing gigs to promote the album, which is expected to launch in early 2009. Have performed at the festival Unigaita at Unicamp; Expomusic 2008 in Sao Paulo and festivals in the region such as the Festival of Instrumental Music in Santa Barbara D'Oeste and Campineiro Meeting of Harmonica Players.

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