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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deák Bill Gyula - A Király Meséi

Styles : Blues Revival, Blues Rock
Released : 2009
Lable : Sonny Music Entertainment

01 - Forró Hó
02 - Nagy Eso Után
03 - Kobányáról Álmodtam
04 - Itthon Maradtam
05 - Hol Az Ég?
06 - Kilakoltatás
07 - Ébredj
08 - Lassú Szorös Blues
09 - Csonka Boogie
10 - Egyedül Az Arénában
11 - Szabadon Élj
12 - A Király Meséje
13 - A Végtelen Felé
14 - Hosszú Az Út
15 - Éjféli Piac
16 - Az Legyél, Aki Vagy

Deák Bill Gyula is a Hungarian blues singer whose career spans several decades. Prior to embarking on a solo career in the mid-'80s, he was a member of the Hobo Blues Band, with which he released several albums. Born Deák Gyula on November 8, 1948, in Budapest, he grew up listening to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the Doors, and other blues-influenced rock acts of the mid- to late '60s. In 1979 he joined the lineup of the Hobo Blues Band, which had formed one year prior, and he was a singer in the band for several years. He is credited with vocals on Hobo Blues Band albums including Középeurópai Hobo Blues (1980), Oly Sokáig Voltunk Lenn (1982), Még Élünk (1983), and Vadászat (1984), plus the latter-day releases Kopaszkutya (1993) and Csintalan Lányok, Rossz Fiúk (1994). Gyula made his solo debut in 1984 with Rossz Vér and released additional albums from time to time over the years, among them Mindhalálig Blues (1986), Bunön, Börtönön, Bánaton Túl (1993), Bort, Bluest, Békességet (1999), Bill Kapitány Blues Cirkusza (2001), and Hatvan Csapás (2008). In 2008, by which time he was considered something of a legend in his homeland, Gyula celebrated his 60th birthday with a triumphant concert later released on CD/DVD as 60. Születésnapi Jubileumi Nagykoncert (2009).

Deak Bill Gyula - Vocals
Stars Endre Lukács Peta, Tornóczky Francis Sipeki Zoltán - guitar
Mercenary Thomas - bass
Tamás Szabó - harmonica
Hirleman Bartholomew - drums

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Steamin' Jesaja - Old Style Entertainment

Styles : West Coast Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2009

01 - He Knows The Rules
02 - Beautician Blues
03 - Wigs & Tattoos
04 - Remember Me
05 - Whats The Matter Now
06 - Trust My Baby
07 - Lookin' For The King
08 - Quiet Whiskey
09 - Ugly Woman
10 - Good Rockin' Man
11 - Big Fat Mama

Steamin' Jesaja from Sweden, winner of the Scandinavian Blues Contest.

Lars Lundberg - Vocals & Harmonica
P-A Andersson - Guitar
Urban Åhdén - Upright Bass
Nicklas bränberg - Drums

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

KK - Blús

Styles : Modern Electric Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2006

01 - Hun Er Mer Allt
02 - Þu Varst
03 - Það Hefur Rignt
04 - Hun Er Einskis Manns
05 - Eg Er a Forum
06 - Hvað Varðar þig Um það
07 - Get eg Ekkert Gert
08 - Hvað Er Að
09 - Koma Mer Burt
10 - Þrettan Skref
11 - Þu Hefur Tak a Mer
12 - Svo Kold, þessi Kona

KK (Kristjan Kristjansson) was born in Minnesota but moved home to Iceland with his family when he was ten years old. KK has composed music both for theater and movies and received awards for both songwriting and musical performance.
Over the last 15 years KK has been one of Iceland's most popular musicians. He is a master guitar player with a soft but sometimes husky voice. His roots lie in the blues and rockabilly and this time around he brings us a colourful blues album, the first one to be all sung in Icelandic. However the songs are not new but by master bluesmen like Willie Dixon, Walter Jacobs, Lowell Fulson and many more.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Horst Bergmeyer Duo - Young Days

Styles : Piano Blues, Boogie Woogie
Released : 2011
Label: Starfish Music

01 - Anna's Boogie
02 - Sixteen Tons
03 - Lies Lies Lies
04 - Cold Shot
05 - Young Days
06 - Willy And The Hand Jive
07 - Temptation
08 - Blues After Midnight
09 - Tough Times
10 - What'd I Say
11 - I'm Ready
12 - Parchman Farm
13 - Dirty Low Down And Bad
14 - Same Old Blues
15 - Riders On The Storm
16 - Stop Drinking

Superb piano/drums duo from Germany's secret blues capitol, Osnabrueck.
In the best tradition of German-Austrian-standing duo Boogie No. Horst Bergmeyer from Osnabruck also dominates the style of the forefathers. His musical idols are called but J.J. Cale, Lightnin 'Hopkins, Tom Waits, Johnny Otis, Jim Morrison, Ray Charles and Mose Allison. Their songs he processed to something quite new, with only disturbs his accent.

Horst Bergmeyer: vocals, piano
Joachim Dölker: drums, percussion, background vocals
Additional background vocals: Jimmy Reiter, Björn Puls
Recorded, mixed and produced by Bergmeyer / Dölker at Dölker / Bergmeyer studios, Osnabrück
Mastered by Hans Jörg Maucksch at Pauler Acoustics, Northeim

Friday, July 22, 2011

Terry 'Harmonica' Bean & The Cornlickers - Hill Country Blues With The Big Sound

Styles : Hill Country Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2010
Label : Right Coast Recording

Disc 1
01 - Blues Man
02 - Come Back Baby
03 - Help Me
04 - Love Me Slow
05 - King Bee
06 - I Wonder Who
07 - Tell Me Why

Disc 2
01 - Goin' South
02 - Crazy Mixed Up World
03 - I'm Ready
04 - Learn To Love Me
05 - Miss Betty Green
06 - Red Dress
07 - So Long

Terry stated that "When the Hill Country met the Delta, man it just exploded." Hill Country Blues with the Big Sound is a prime example of what happens when a young man born in the Hill Country makes a life for himself in the Delta. Young Bean learned his lessons well. Growing up listening to his father and his grandfather at home and at house parties and juke joints throughout the South, Terry was exposed to a wide variety of musical styles which blend very nicely here for a sound that is upbeat and danceable while maintaining that hypnotic style so prevalent in the Hill Country. The result is still somewhat hypnotic, easy on the ear and as comfortable as your favorite boots nice fit, well broken in and as comfortable at the end of the day as they were in the beginning. Bean blends styles that have been with us for ages, maintaining the best elements of each for a sound that is uniquely Terry Bean, making timeless classics his own. His backing bands, The Cornlickers, natives of the Harrisburg, PA area, of all places, nail it as if they were born and raised in Mississippi. These guys have a love for the music that runs deeper than geological boundaries. They love the music with all their heart and soul, and it shows. Once considered local or regional talents who played our area venues frequently and often free, these guys have joined the ranks of the professionals, now officially Big Jack Johnson's band. While I admit that the hypnotic sounds coming from the North Mississippi hill country are not in my favorites list, Terry "Harmonica" Bean hits the nail on the head and drives it home. This, even given the fact that it is a double album, holds strong from beginning to end. Much like Jessie Mae Hemphill, one of my favorites from the region, this one cuts through to the heart. This is one piece I would add to my personal collection by choice, no questions asked.

Terry 'Harmonica' Bean : Guitar Vocals and Harmonica
Dale Wise : Drums, Foot Tambourine
Dave Groninger : Guitar
Tony Ryder : Bass

original CD from sussex

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bernd Kleinow - The Harp

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2011

01 - Swing to Dr.Ross
02 - Chattanooga Choo Choo
03 - The Shy Is Crying
04 - That Crawfish
05 - Walking on the Sunset
06 - Bye Bye Bird
07 - Hometown Blues
08 - Laurel Canyon Home
09 - Goin Down the Road, Feelin`Bad
10 - I`m so Tired
11 - Mean old Woman
12 - Thinking of my Woman
13 - Train , Train
14 - Keep on Walking

Bernd Kleinow has been active on the music scene since 1977.  His wide experience playing with leading blues and rock bands as well as working on many studio-produced records and films, with for example Günther Fischer, has made him into one of the country’s most successful harmonica players.

After getting his degree in Engineering and working for 10 years in the field of information technology, in 1984 he dedicated himself  entirely to the blues harp, which up to then had been a sideline.
For many years Bernd Kleinow as guest signalled his appearance with the top
bands on the blues and rock scene, such as Hansi-Biebl-Band, Engerling,
Jürgen Kerth,Karussell,Jonathan-Blues-Band, Zenit, Mr. Adapoe
and Travelling-Blues. He began as harp player with the Diestelmann-Folk-Blues-Band,
whose first LP is among the most successful in the country.

In 1990, together with blues guitarist ST he formed the Capital Blues Duo and
played successfully in countless blues concerts and festivals in Germany and
Switzerland for over 10 years. Since 1997 Bernd Kleinow has been on
the road with the well known blues and boogie pianist Thomas Stelzer in various
formations and he blows the blues harp as guest soloist with the Piano-Schulze-
Boogie-Band and Big Joe Stolle. Additionally, since 2001 he has been
working with guitarist Lutz Kowa Kowalewski in the duo formation Unlimited
Blues and has recently been on the road with Blues-Rudi and Igor Flach in the tracks

Since 1997 Bernd Kleinow has been on the road with the well known blues and
boogie pianist Thomas Stelzer in various formations and he blows the blues harp
as guest soloist with the Piano-Schulze-Boogie-Band and Big Joe Stolle.
Additionally, since 2001 he has been working with guitarist Lutz Kowa Kowalewski
in the duo formation Unlimited Blues and has recently been on the road
with Blues-Rudi and Igor Flach in the tracks of railroad blues.
Since the beginning of his musical career with Diestelmann-Folk-Blues-Band, he
has played harmonica takes for the production of 20 LPs and 24 CDs of various genres.

Today Bernd Kleinow is a renowned harp soloist and, over the year, has blended
various influences from blues, reggae, rock and jazz into his own unique style.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drink Small - Hallelujah Boogaloo

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Bottleneck, Piedmont Blues
Released : 2011
Lable : Music Maker Records

01 - Widow Women
02 - So Sweet
03 - Motherless Child
04 - Moanin'
05 - Women Love A Man That Can Play The Slide
06 - Song With No Name
07 - Blues By The Drink
08 - One Woman
09 - Greenback
10 - Coon Dog Blues
11 - Drink Blues

Hallelujah Boogaloo by Drink Small, who is known as The Blues Doctor. The Blues Doctor label drink uses in part is a reference to his ability to play a variety of styles. After all, he grew up in the church (first recording as part of a gospel group) as well as learning Blind Boy Fuller tunes. It also refers to his ability to make you feel good by his playing the blues.

Drink Small is among the Music Maker Foundation Artists that has a significant body of recordings for having recorded for a variety of labels including Ichiban and his own Bishopville label (referring to South Carolina hometown). The present CD was recorded by Tim Duffy between 1997 and 2005 by Tim Duffy. It contains 11 songs and clocks in at just under 45 minutes. These are solo performances and cover a wide range of material and while all the songs are credited to Drink Small, some are not such as Blind Boy Fuller’s So Sweet and Blues By the Drink which is a revamped Baby Please Don’t Go.

There is a gregarious quality to Drink Small’s performances that is evident throughout, whether on the opening Widow Woman with a folk-tinge, to his exquisite rendition of Fuller’s So Sweet, as well as his Song With No Name, where he references Howlin’ Wolf and howls and moans. His language can get raunchy at times as on Moanin’, which is definitely not radio friendly or simply descriptive as on Woman Love a ManThat Can Play The Slide. His guitar playing whether in a Blind Boy Fuller mode as on So Sweet or playing slide, is thoughtful and crisply executed . The vigor of his performances and the varied material makes for quite an enjoyable recording.

We are proud to announce Drink Small's first release with Music Maker! Hallelujah Boogaloo, features informal songs recorded over the last 13 years, highlighting this acoustic bluesman's raw and risque blues.

original CD from sussex

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dr. Fritz - I'm The Piano Man

Styles : Piano Blues
Released : 2000
Lable : Rose Valley Records

01 - I´m The Piano Man
02 - Trouble´s For Free
03 - No Dime
04 - She Says No
05 - Suddenly
06 - Fancy Clothes
07 - Your Smile
08 - She Is My Lady
09 - You´re Gone
10 - Blow Wind Blow
11 - Nobody Loves Me (But The Taxman)
12 - The Girl Behind The Bar
13 - He Plays Guitar
14 - On The Sunny Side Of The Street

In his job he makes interviews with famous rockstars like Rod Stewart or Lou Reed. But on the weekend he slips into the persona of "Dr. Fritz", sits down at the piano and plays the blues. "I'm The Piano Man" , his second album, is real good fun. So much fun that Bill Wyman, former Bassplayer of the Rolling Stones, wrote the liner notes: "Great Music! To have a good time - that's what this album is all about."

In April 2000, Fritz Werner Haver met Bill Wyman in his house in London. While listening to some CDs from Wyman's record collection they discovered that they both love old jazz and blues music. "Dr. Fritz is a powerful singer and piano player, rooted deeply in the blues", says Wyman now. In the title song and in rocking numbers like "He plays Guitar" you can hear the influence from the Rolling Stones and the Rhythm Kings as well. Songs like "Trouble For Free" and "Nobody Loves Me (But The Taxman)" refer to artists like Bob Dylan and ZZ Top and have a strong element of parody. Other tracks are played in the tradition of New Orleans jazz.

Blues doesn't have to be sad. When Dr. Fritz tells his blues stories there's always a twinkle in his eyes. When he complains that nobody loves him but the taxman, that his "baby" disagrees with whatever he suggests or that you have to pay for everything in life - except trouble! - even if you're white you can have the blues. Although Dr. Fritz learned a lot from his friend, the legendary blues piano player Champion Jack Dupree.
Fritz Werner Haver, born in 1951 in Bielefeld, studied English and American literature in Hamburg and Marburg and got his PHD working about Bob Dylan's lyrics. In 1972 he played in public for the first time - in Hamburg. or the first time - in Hamburg's famous pub "Tante Hermine". He got free drinks and tips. After that he played in samll places all over Germany often accompanied by the guitar players Olaf "O.G." Giebe and Christoph Gathmann who also play on the new album. Just like Gerd & Ritchie Bracht ("Die Zwillinge") on bass and saxophone, Sanne Koheil (Saxophone) and Tine Wendt and Julica Bracht (the "girls behind the bar"...). "A joyfully groovin' band" - as Bill Wyman puts it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bradley N. Litwin - I'll Give You The Bus Money, Honey!

Styles : Electric Delta Blues
Released : 1998

01 - Crossroads
02 - Careless Love
03 - I'll Give You the Bus Money, Honey!
04 - Without Your Love
05 - 'taint Nobody's Business
06 - Police Dog Blues
07 - Bleeding Hearted Blues
08 - My Little Porcupine
09 - Old Rockin' Chair
10 - Paper Doll
11 - Key to the Highway
12 - Don't Look Back

Contemporary Delta Blues, Stride and Jazz Guitarist Bradley N. Litwin Can Sing. Litwin represents the arrival of music that marries peak finger-style guitar performance with a vocal style that engages from the first phrase, and dazzles as it shifts from dark to light, funny to tender, and smooth to rollicking. Taking on the rompin' stompin' finger-style guitar of Blind Blake, Robert Johnson and Mance Lipscomb, the smooth singing of the Mills Brothers and Nat King Cole, and the exhilaration of Bessie Smith, Litwin emerges with a sound all his own, and one that music lovers have been waiting a long time to hear. Treating roots music like an old friend, who just stopped by after decades past, he carries on with a front porch conversation, as though it were never interrupted.

Litwin paid his dues and developed his obvious chops while wandering through the self-absorbed scene that was 1960's contemporary folk music. A fascination with the blues awoke with his discovery of roots blues of the early Delta era. Confronted with its primordial power by venerable practitioners Paul Geremia, Sparky Rucker, Roy Bookbinder, John Jackson, and Chris Smither, who each spent time hanging out in Litwin's Vermont guitar-making workshop in the 70's, he developed a thirst for expression in the vintage blues idiom; and that, despite the picture of a hard life on the road, his mentors painted during their time together.

Today, Litwin tours both as a solo performer, and with a band of like-minded madmen as the "Madman Jazz Trio." Members include Michael "Chopper" Salsburg, on violin, and tuba virtuoso, Jimmy Parker.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Lester - You Better Listen

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2011
Lable : Bluestown Records

01 - Rooster Blues
02 - You Better Listen
03 - Ethel Mae
04 - If You Don't Want Me Baby
05 - Scratch My Back
06 - Courtroom Blues
07 - Think It Over One More Time
08 - O.J. Shuffle
09 - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
10 - Bright Lights Big City
11 - The Same Thing Will Happen To You
12 - When My First Wife Left Me
13 - Paradise Stomp

Lazy Lester possesses a glorious, immediately recognizable sound that has been loved and celebrated by generations of blues fans, going back to his earliest Excello recordings from the mid 1950s. But as easy as it is to recognize, it’s equally difficult to describe from a technical or purely analytical point of view. His harmonica playing has a loose, funky quality that on first impression might seem careless, when in actuality it is very proficient and strategic. His tone has a light air-filled quality much different than the compressed, over-amplified sound popularized by Chicago blues. But this tone is, in and of itself, a beautiful sound, reflecting the rural Louisiana environment in which Lazy Lester was raised. It is a tone that does not have to be muscular to be tough. Though best known as a harmonica player, Lazy Lester is also a guitarist, and the same down home, elusively spot-on richness applies in describing his guitar playing. His singing is filled with an unmistakable southern drawl that impresses the listener as both gruff and sweet at the same time. His slurring vocal inflections create a melody that defies transcription to sheet music. And Lester's song choices are a perfect spotlight for his vocal talents. As a songwriter, Lazy Lester has always found great use of melody, catch phrases, and memorable ‘hooks’ while delivering the goods over a delicious groove. When covering someone else's material, Lester's choices are always satisfying reflections on his musical upbringing that are easily converted into his own personal voice. In essence, Lazy Lester is an un-apologetically southern bluesman whose rich musical flavor is wonderfully unique in today's contemporary blues landscape.

Lazy Lester was born Leslie Johnson in Torras, Louisiana on June 20 1933, and moved to the Baton Rouge area while still a boy. Legend has it that his music career began while coincidentally taking a bus seat next to Lighnin' Slim, who was headed to a recording session for Excello Records and needed a harmonica player. This led to an enduring partnership, and the Lightnin' Slim / Lazy Lester sound became a hit making recipe. Lazy Lester also cut a string of his own hits such as "I Hear You Knockin'", "I'm A Lover Not A Fighter", and "Sugar Coated Love", all of which are now often covered classics. He became a house musician for Excello and played harmonica, guitar, and all sorts of percussion on countless sessions for other label stars such as Slim Harpo, Lonesome Sundown, Jimmy Dotson, Henry Gray and others. Lazy Lester's run with Excello lasted until the late 1960s, and this period will forever cement Lazy Lester into blues history as a beacon of Excello's heralded "Swamp Blues" sound. After a brief post-Excello hiatus from music, Lazy Lester has continued to make wonderful music and proudly occupies the position of the greatest living "Swamp Blues" ambassador. He has recorded albums for Alligator Records, Antone's, Ruf, Telarc, and Cambaya, and his early Excello recordings have been reissued many times on numerous labels. Lazy Lester regularly tours the US, Europe and South America, and was recently a highlight of the 2010 Amanda's Roller Coaster harmonica gathering.

Upholding a grand tradition, You Better Listen allows us another chapter of Lazy Lester's great music, brought to a new decade and an international stage. Lovingly produced by guitarist Morten Omlid and harmonicist Jostein Forsberg, this CD highlights Lester's vocals, harmonica playing and guitar work through the eyes of two seasoned Norwegian blues musicians. This CD production is unique in that it features a number of tracks where Lester has overdubbed harmonica, allowing him a few different roles simultaneously in a song. The backing band for this project is Spoonful Of Blues, a group of sensitive and capable traditional blues players, who are Lazy Lester's regular band for annual tours of Norway. From the opening notes of the romping Lightnin' Slim classic "Rooster Blues", with Lester playing backing harmonica over his lead vocals, we see a formula that really works. Lester's down-home guitar is in prominence on "Ethel Mae", a Lighnin' Hopkins derived original, and a powerful slow blues standout. Who has more right to cover "Scratch My Back" then the man who played percussion on the original Slim Harpo hit? Lazy Lester's love of country music is celebrated with two delightful performances; a great version of the Roy Acuff classic "Blues Eyes Crying In The Rain", which has been converted into a rousing swamp blues rocker, and the instrumental "Paradise Stomp", a sweet harmonica melody that is a fitting album closer. Throughout this fine program of a dozen songs, both originals and covers come through as vibrant performances, all masterfully "owned" by Lazy Lester. The recording studio in Norway was, for a few days, transformed into the swamps of Louisiana. Thanks to Morten and Jostein for their caring production of this fine album that is un-apologetically Lazy Lester!

Lazy Lester, Vocal & Harp
+ Guitar on track 3,7,8,12,13

Morten Omlid, Guitars
Jens Olav Haugen, Electric and Aqustic Bass

Guest musicians/instruments/track:
Espen Fjelle, Keyboards (2,6,9,11,12)
Runar Boyesen, Accordion (9)
Trond Ytterbø, Backing Vocal (9)
Knut Henning Slettemo, Washboard and Spoons (9)

original CD from sussex

Friday, July 15, 2011

BluesTones - Bluestools

Styles : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2010

01 - Know You Rider
02 - Me And The Devil
03 - You Can Love Yourself
04 - Milkcow Calf Blues
05 - Malted Milk
06 - Big Boss Man
07 - Steady Rolling´ Girl
08 - Stop Breaking Down
09 - Hesitation Blues
10 - Soulshine
11 - Railroad Boy
12 - Come On In My Kitchen
13 - Death Don´t Have No Mercy
14 - Last Fair Deal Going´ Down
15 - Grand South

They has reinterpreted robert johnson's songs by more mordern sound.
Were playing a really neat and stylish also did express a clean, well-refined.

Giuseppe Giaquinto : Guitars
Norbert Lohan : Harmonica
Christine Iyoha : Vocals

*I need more info of this band...Is there anyone who can help me?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ron Hacker & The Hacksaws - Filthy Animal

Styles : Modern Electric Blues (Slide Guitar)
Released : 2011
Lable : Ron Hacker

01 - You Gotta Move, Part 1
02 - Bad Boy
03 - I'm Goin Away Baby
04 - Meet Me In The Bottom
05 - Goin' Down To The River
06 - Evil
07 - Death Letter Blues
08 - Gonna' Miss You
09 - Shotgun
10 - Someday Baby
11 - Why
12 - Champagne And Reefer
13 - Filthy Animal (Chameleon)

Ron Hacker brings his masterful slide work and soulful singing to Biscuits & Blues on Sunday evening where he'll be joined by his fabulous Hacksaws with Steve Evans on bass (subbing for AJ) and Ronnie Smith on drums.
They'll be celebrating the official release of Ron's Filthy Animal CD. There's some special guests on the disc that might be on hand for the occasion.

Ron's blues are mean, dirty, nasty and include sweet and semi sweet songs about
his former wives as well as the next one. The groove will be hot and will get
you up and dancing with or without a real dance floor!

1988/1994 No Pretty Songs
1990 Barstool Blues
1995 I Got Tatooed
2000 Back Door Man
2003 Burnin'
2007 The Hacksaws Live in Holland
2007 Mr. Bad Boy

Boogie Woogie Company - Let The Good Times Roll

Styles : Boogie Woogie, Piano Blues
Released : 2004

01 - Lone Star Shuffle
02 - Got My Mojo Working
03 - One Mint Julep
04 - Sweet Georgia Brown
05 - Christoph's Stomp
06 - Johnny B. Goode
07 - Honky Tonk Special
08 - Papa's Blues
09 - Al's Guitar Boogie
10 - Lady Be Good
11 - Atlanta Stomp
12 - Subway Special

The roaring sixties brought new ideas and new experiences in music and also led to a deeper remembrance of the powerful roots in Jazz and Blues. This movement was very productive and led also to the rediscovery of a style which seemed to be dead- the BOOGIE WOOGIE, a music popular in the third an fourth decade of 20th century. The revival of this music is with no doubt the merit of the activities of the German band BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY , Cologne. In summer of 1964 the creative and charismatic Boogie player LEO VON KNOBELSDORFF and Modern-Jazz- Guitarist ALI CLAUDI and a rhythm group came together for a jamsession at the Kintopp Saloon of Cologne.This turned out as the birth of a new concept :a Boogie band with masterly performing soloists. The extraordinary success of this session led to the foundation of the BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY.

Within a few months this band became extremely popular , and concert- offers increased very quickly. The musicians played on international festivals , clubs and appeared in radio-shows and onTV.Thus the activities of the BOOGIE WOOGIE COMPANY helped the Boogie- style to a new popularity. Numerous young piano-players profited of this preparatory work. This band did not copy the originals. It succeeded in combining the ideas of the tradtional Boogie with modern elements of Jazz, creating a contemporary Boogie- band- style, powerful, rich in details, and versatile. More than 2800 concerts since 1964 proove this successful concept. Today the band is enjoying a cult-status.

Christoph Oeser ( piano )
Ali Claudi ( guit. + voc./ leader )
Paul G. Ulrich ( bass + voc. )
Kalle Hoffmeister ( drums )

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mad Dawgs - ...Live!

Styles : West Coast Blues, Swing...(Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Stormy Monday Records

01 - Give It Up Or Let Me Go
02 - T.-Bone Shuffle
03 - Big Kat Boogie
04 - Exactly Like You
05 - Jambalaya
06 - Louisiana 1927
07 - Hold It Right There
08 - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
09 - I Can't Make You Love Me
10 - Let The Back Door Hit You
11 - Why You So Mean To Me

The style might have been en vogue back in 1940, somewhere in the Mississippi delta where cotton fields abounded, but electrical outlets and amplified guitars were few and far between. But it never slipped into complete oblivion, since in the late Sixties, beside the old Country Blues guard, quite a number of blues acts rooted in the folk tradition took up the style

But the Mad Dawgs are about something else: Completely aware that between them and archaic Southern blues there existed a steady stream of excellent electric guitarists, that soul music, funk, jazz and rock'n'roll each had their heyday, they're breathing fresh air into the old-fashioned instruments. And they're playing whatever strikes their fancy: apart from shuffle and boogie standards, with Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby and Exactly Like You they picked out two gems from the swing and Harlem Jive repertoire, Louisiana 1927 and I Can't Make You Love Me are classic examples of the gospel-infused rock ballad, and Jabalaya and Why You So Mean To Me amply testify that the band's got quite a knack for Cajun and Southern Funk grooves as well

The Mad Dawgs owe their band name to their quadruped family members: there's a whopping four dogs of all shapes and sizes sharing the lives of the five musicians. That they're doing their best to keep their masters and mistresses from spending too much time in the rehearsal room is out of the question. That may not be the best thing for intricate arrangements, but spontaneity is guaranteed. And seasoned blueswomen and bluesmen – for that's what all five of them are – couldn't care less.

Jan Hirte (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Kat Baloun (vocals, harp)
Amy Zapf (vocals, mandolin, accordion, piano)
Bernd Kuchenbecker (vocals, acoustic bass)
Marcel Van Cleef (drums, percussion).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reverend John Wilkins - You Can't Hurry God

Styles : Gospel
Released : 2010
Lable : Big Legal Mess Records

01 - You Can't Hurry God
02 - Jesus Will Fix It
03 - Sinner's Prayer
04 - Let The Redeemed Say So
05 - Prodigal Son
06 - You Got To Move
07 - I Want You To Help Me
08 - Thank You Sir
09 - On The Battlefield

It’s hard to believe that the same Fat Possum who put out the bad man blues of R.L. Burnside, T-Model Ford, and the Crack Whore Blues is now releasing a spiritual album, but when the artist is the Reverend John Wilkins, it makes sense. Wilkins is the son of Robert Wilkins of Prodigal Son and Old Jim Canaan fame and has played around Memphis and the Mississippi Hill Country his whole life. He is also a reverend at Hunters’ Chapel, which has counted as members musicians Othar Turner, Napoleon Strickland and Fred McDowell.

This record has many of the same sonic qualities as those of the long gone Hill Country heroes. Even though they are spirituals, songs like Jesus Will Fix It and You Got to Move have that boogie that sounds like it could go on forever, the one that Junior Kimbrough perfected those long nights in Chulahoma. Wilkins’ rhythm section doesn’t sound like it might fall apart at any moment, though, unlike those on some of Kimbrough’s recordings.

Wilkins’ voice is deep, with a growl that gives his songs conviction and reminds the listener how close the blues and spirituals are. If you change any references to Jesus or God to members of the female sex, this music is suitable for Saturday night partying in the juke. Change those references back and it’s Sunday morning praying in the pews.

original CD from sussex

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harmonica Shah - Live At The Cove

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2011
Lable : Electro-Fi Records

01 - Who's The Fool
02 - Mrs. Obama's Boogie
03 - Woman, I Want You To Love Me
04 - Poor Boy
05 - Big Boss Lady
06 - Blues From A Lonesome Dirty Mountain
07 - Let Me Be Your Little Dog
08 - Billy Goat Blues
09 - Working Life Blues
10 - Last Night

It's in a live setting, with the lights down low, drinks on the table, and pretty women out on the dance floor that the fervent, lawless, unrestrained sonic talent of Detroit's Harmonica Shah shines brightest. Few of today's blues artists have either the powers of creative combustion or the mad courage to plunge into a musical melee and truly stir the audience with a performance that is literally snatched out of thin airs. If you are going to work without a net, it's a wise idea to surround yourself with people who truly know their stuff, and Shah chose astutely by inviting Ace Blues Guitarist and Juno Award winner Jack de Keyzer, plus the inspired rhythm section of Alec Fraser and Al Cross along for the ride.

The Motor City Mojo Master, the way he was meant to be heard, live in action with his band and Juno Award winning Guitar Ace Jack De Keyzer. - eletro-fi records-

original CD from sussex

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whoes Muddy Shoes - Mile After Mile

Styles : Chicago Blues, West Coast Swing (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2009

01 - Lil` Filly
02 - Tumble Down
03 - Quittin` Time
04 - Cash Money
05 - Change Your Mind
06 - Ain`t Too Old
07 - Mile After Mile
08 - I Just Can`t Win
09 - Gimme` Back That Diamond
10 - Runnin` Round

Ewan Sommerville - harp, vocals
Richard Steele - lead, rhythm, slide guitar
Jeremy Edwards - lead, rhythm guitar, vocals
Andrew Rankin - bass guitar
George Brugmans - drums

Influenced by
Little Walter, Ronnie Earl, Smokin' Joe Kubek, James Harman

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

George 'Harmonica' Smith - Teardrops Are Falling

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2011 (Recorded 1983)
Lable : Electro-Fi Records

01 - Intro By Spider
02 - Teardrops Are Falling
03 - Love That Woman
04 - Key To the Highway
05 - I'm a Man
06 - Crazy 'Bout You Baby
07 - Big Boss Man
08 - Juke
09 - Goin' Down Slow
10 - Woke Up This Mornin'
11 - Harp Stomp

"These live recordings, done just before George's passing in 1983, show just what a GREAT HARPSMAN George was capable of being, live in person. The band ably backs George on this CD, but it's guitarist Buddy Reed in particular who is the standout, being the perfect foil to George's Harp. Reed's guitar has the intensity of a Luther Tucker, or a young Buddy Guy, with a wicked tone to match! George plays a TERRIFIC "Juke" on here, claiming he'd never met, or heard of Little Walter, while introducing the song, (very funny George!). George Harmonica Smith remains one of the true GIANTS of West Coast Harp and proves himself so on these recordings." - Mark Hummel -

George Harmonica Smith - Vocals & harmonica
Buddy Reed - Guitar & vocals
Jerry Smith - Bass
Roger Rotoli - Drums
Bullet Bill Tarsha - Harmonica on tracks 3, 5, 7, 10, 11

original CD from sussex

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope - Down On MY Knees

Styles : Blues Rock, Funk
Released : 2010

01 - Down On My Knees
02 - Get Me Loose
03 - Truck Driving Cowgirl
04 - Whipping Chain
05 - Long Way Round
06 - Down On My Knees (Extended)

Cass Eager’s sound travels the gamut from soul to blues, folk to funk and roots to reggae. Her distinctive pipes and guitar playing have drawn comparisons to everyone from Bonnie Raitt to Jack Johnson, Nina Simone and Ben Harper . . . with a hint of Janis Joplin always thrown in. Despite these comparisons, ‘soul sister Cass is no pale imitation’ (NDL). She’s been described as ‘one of Sydney’s most gifted singer-songwriters, whose refreshingly honest, raspy, almost Joplin-esque like voice is hers alone, and whose eclectic songwriting will spellbind the listener.’ (Drum Media). On stage, Cass is armed with an acoustic and lap steel guitar, electric ukulele and stompbox.

Her debut album ‘Beautiful Day’ (MGM/littlebliss) released in Australia in 2007, is a stunning collection of tunes spanning soul to blues, folk to gospel, roots to reggae. From the reggae-tinged groove of the crowd favourite title track ‘Beautiful Day’ to the killer slide-guitar blues of ‘Take These Wings’ and heartfelt soulfulness of ‘Sister’, the instrumentation running through these songs adapt to fit the feel, from slide guitar to hammond and rhodes piano, harmonica, violins, stompbox and ukelele. Most are with Cass’s trademark rhythmic acoustic guitar sound, and all with Cass’s husky-soaked vocals and effortless melodies bringing them to life. Her first single ‘Beautiful Day’ has already charted in the Top 10 on Canadian Radio (Festival) and debuted at No.27 on the US Roots Music Report.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lars Luis Linek - White Boys Blues (3 cds)

Styles : Modern Elctric Blues, Swing , Contry Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2010
Label : Document Membran Records

Disc 1 - Lars Luis Linek Band With Guest Artists
01 - Lars Luis Linek Band - What's Right
02 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Want It All
03 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Sophisticated Lady
04 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Respect
05 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Adultery Blues
06 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Crime And Danger
07 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Romantic
08 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Herb's Blues
09 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Schluter Shuffle
10 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Free
11 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Te Llamaremos
12 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Blues A Paris
13 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Pueblo Blues

Disc 2 - Lars Luis Linek Band
01 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Rainer's Blues
02 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Three Is A Lucky
03 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Out Of Sight
04 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Soon I'll Be Gone
05 - Lars Luis Linek Band - White Boys Blues
06 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Shanghai
07 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Chicago
08 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Prague
09 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Carmen's Blues
10 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Train De Vie
11 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Honeyboy
12 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Elbe Groove
13 - Lars Luis Linek Band - Good Night

Disc 3 - Bonus CD
01 - John Mayall - John Lee Boogie
02 - Mike Bloomfield - Knockin' Myself Out
03 - Canned Heat - Got My Mojo Workin'
04 - Johnny Winter - Look Up
05 - Pete Seeger - Empty Pocket Blues
06 - John Mayall - Lost And Gone
07 - Canned Heat - Louise
08 - Edgar Winter - Eye Of The Storm
09 - Chicago - Purples
10 - Pepe Ahlqvist & The Rolling Tumbleweed - Cicada Of Chicago
11 - Johnny Winter - Self Destruction Blues
12 - John Mayall - Why Worry
13 - Mike Bloomfield - Women Lovin' Each Other
14 - Tony Joe White - Polk Salad Annie
15 - Electric Flag - I Was Robbed Last Night
16 - Skeleton Krew - Song For Frank
17 - Peter Frampton - There's A Man Billy
18 - Pete Seeger - Winnisboro Cotton Mill Blues

Review of sussex
The Blues has become an international music language for different cultures and, thanks to its basic simple form, a spontaneous Blues session with instrumental artists, no matter in which country, can evolve into an outstanding multy-cultural event, even if the musicians cannot communicate verbally with each other.

On the first two cds we can hear the Lars Luis Linek Band with several guest artists from the White Boys Blues scene.
Cd One features Tom Shaka, Abi Wallenstein, Herb Geller, Wolfgang Schluter and Pierre Gimenez from the Spanish Country Blues Band 'Los Satellites', among others.
Cd Two features the Lars Luis Linek Band performing a mixed variety of vocal and instrumental Blues tunes, Ranging from Shuffle and Swing Jazz to Latin and Country Blues.

The Blues is only just over 100 years old but already boasts a wide variety of shades and colours. It keeps evolving constantly. Over a period of more than 30 years of professional Blues Playing we sincerely hoping to listen many more tunes from Lars Luis Linek.

Original CD from sussex