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Monday, July 11, 2011

Reverend John Wilkins - You Can't Hurry God

Styles : Gospel
Released : 2010
Lable : Big Legal Mess Records

01 - You Can't Hurry God
02 - Jesus Will Fix It
03 - Sinner's Prayer
04 - Let The Redeemed Say So
05 - Prodigal Son
06 - You Got To Move
07 - I Want You To Help Me
08 - Thank You Sir
09 - On The Battlefield

It’s hard to believe that the same Fat Possum who put out the bad man blues of R.L. Burnside, T-Model Ford, and the Crack Whore Blues is now releasing a spiritual album, but when the artist is the Reverend John Wilkins, it makes sense. Wilkins is the son of Robert Wilkins of Prodigal Son and Old Jim Canaan fame and has played around Memphis and the Mississippi Hill Country his whole life. He is also a reverend at Hunters’ Chapel, which has counted as members musicians Othar Turner, Napoleon Strickland and Fred McDowell.

This record has many of the same sonic qualities as those of the long gone Hill Country heroes. Even though they are spirituals, songs like Jesus Will Fix It and You Got to Move have that boogie that sounds like it could go on forever, the one that Junior Kimbrough perfected those long nights in Chulahoma. Wilkins’ rhythm section doesn’t sound like it might fall apart at any moment, though, unlike those on some of Kimbrough’s recordings.

Wilkins’ voice is deep, with a growl that gives his songs conviction and reminds the listener how close the blues and spirituals are. If you change any references to Jesus or God to members of the female sex, this music is suitable for Saturday night partying in the juke. Change those references back and it’s Sunday morning praying in the pews.

original CD from sussex

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