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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Henry Byrd - Pomegranite Ave

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Country Blues
Released : 2012
Label : Music Maker

01 - Jump Baby Jump
02 - Evening Sun
03 - Busrider Blues
04 - Down The Road I Go
05 - Ain't Got Nobody
06 - Wonder Why
07 - Love Her With A Feeling
08 - My Baby Don't Want Me Around
09 - Shining Moon
10 - Key To The Highway #2
11 - Key To The Highway
12 - Going Back To Arkansas
13 - Evening Sun

Henry Byrd was a true country blues man. A construction worker by trade, Byrd came up playing the blues when some of its greatest artists were performing.
While hoboing through the Great Depression he met up with such legends as Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie McGee, Sonny Terry, Tampa Red and Washboard Sam.
Byrd's musical philosophy was summed up well by Scott Riggan, Byyrd's long time friend and neighbor responsible for the recordings that make up this album, "for him, music was pure: it was fun.
It was about getting together when you weren't working and doing what you loved."

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

George Conner - Brother's Tone

Styles : Down Home Blues, Electric Blues
Released : 2012
Label : Music Maker

01 - Woman I'm Leaving You
02 - Treat Me Like I Treat You
03 - I'm Gone But I Don't Know Where I'm Going
04 - Brother's Tone
05 - I'm Ready
06 - All Night Long
07 - I'm Going Home
08 - Woman Hear My Plea

“Birmingham” George Washington Conner moved from Pickens County, Alabama to Chicago and stayed there close to 30 years where he had his own blues club “The Place.” In the 80s he moved to Memphis for 5 years before moving back to Alabama where he opened another blues club. Unfortunately a few people got killed in it and the joint had to close down. George can be heard every year at the Freedom Creek Festival, in Pickens County, Alabama. Plain electric down home style blues, performing with deep passion.

Guitar, Vocals : George Conner
Drums : Ardie Dean
Harmonica : Jock Webb
Guitar : Gary Edmonds

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Boules Blues Band - Big Bad Boy

Styles : Blues-Rock, Modern Electric Blues
Released : 2011
Label : Kiekie Records

01 - Born Under A Bad Sign
02 - Steelman
03 - Luna
04 - All Your Loving
05 - People
06 - Rainyday
07 - Sinner's Prayer
08 - Last Time
09 - Riot In Cell Block #9
10 - Got My Mojo Working
11 - Boe Boe Boe
12 - Give Me One More Whskey

One of the best blues bands of Holland.
The Boules Blues Band has two people of The BBR band sitting in his company which mainly are not wrong. Ruud Hull is a very energetic drummer and a guitarist Bonne Van Den Heuvel who regularly makes large tongues loose. His great love Rory Gallagher he does not hide or banks but is broadly oriented above. Artistic has to crumble this man at least a lot of milk just read on Google what he has already done Leo Verkruissen is an old hand in the ak and has leapfrogged over Ron Black on bass guitar. These men all have one thing in common and that is that they love the blues and you also hear back on this disk.

Boule (jan Doetjes) : Singer
Bonne van de Heuvel : Solo Guitar
wietse van Foeken : Bass
Ruud Huhl : Drums
Ron Swart : Harmonica