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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jörg Hegemann - Boogie Woogie Express

Styles : Boogie Woogie (Piano Blues)
Released : 1995
Lable : Anthea Records

01 - Boogie Woogie Express
02 - Take A Little Walk
03 - Lady Be Good
04 - Sweet Patootie Boogie
05 - Shout For Joy
06 - Steam Machine
07 - New York Blues
08 - Stomp And Shout
09 - Blue Moments
10 - Jump For Albert And Pete
11 - Sundown Shuffle
12 - Moonlight Mood
13 - Furious Stomp
14 - Reveille Boogie
15 - Thanks To M.H.
16 - Roll 'EM Boy

Jörg Hegemann from Witten, born 1966, is one of the rare masterpieces that dominate this jazz piano style perfectly and the charms and the power of this music in the new millennium alive. Jörg Hegemann takes its passengers to the Chicago of the thirties and shows them the musical world of Boogie-Woogie King Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson.

In 1995, founded Jorg Hegemann his boogie trio. Benny Mokross with a studied professional full swing on the drums and Reinhard "Django" Kroll is an incredibly experienced and accomplished bass player plays on Brad's side. These three exceptional and passionate musician to develop along a groove, which nobody can escape, every foot of the "within earshot" to bring mitwippen far and wide and the need to fear any comparison.

Concerts in eleven European countries, countless events from North to South and West to East, appearances at some of the most important jazz festivals.
Performances with Joe Muranyi (clarinet with Louis Armstrong), Axel Zwingenberger, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker - Jörg Hegemann, "The Black" under the white boogie pianist (he was in 2004 announced at the International Dixie & Blues Festival Sarospatak in Hungary.) from the German traditional jazz and boogie-scene is here to stay!

Jörg Hegemann (piano)
Reinhard "Django" Kroll
(Double bass)
Mokros Benny (drums)

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