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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lara & The Gumbo Lickers - Keep Cool

Styles : Jazz, Gospel
Released : 2008

01 - I Am The Half
02 - Sweet Vanessa
03 - Keep Cool
04 - You Can Leave Your Spurs On
05 - A Stork Lies In The Sky
06 - The Damned Truth
07 - The Secret
08 - The Tears I Cried
09 - Agua De Beber
10 - Keep Cool (Reprise Version)

 Since 1987, Lara Luppi has performed live in clubs, theaters, festivals, and has lent his voice and personality to many musical projects, each of which has been and is characterized by great freedom: freedom to inspire more kinds of music, freedom in communication between risking their combinations dictated by the desire to personalize, surprise, communicate emotions, freedom INSTRUMENTS uniting ancient to electronic sounds, freedom, in short, to improvise and experiment. It is no coincidence that his most significant project to bear the name of "The Hunting Party, a formation in progress, which deals with songs and music, original od'autore, with arrangements and contributions are always new tools such as the cello, percussion, chromatic harmonica, oboe in addition to the classic piano, bass and drums.

 On the way to Lara there are impromptu collaborations that give rise to interesting results though: in 1997, at the conclusion of a session with American jazz musicians Bobby Durham, Walter Booker and Charles Bowen, releases its first CD: "From noon to four dedicated passion for the "standards" Americans.

Another essential experience is participation in the gospel choir was founded by American Reverend Lee Brown. With this training, called "Rev.Lee Brown Family and The Freedom Choir, has been collaborating since 1995, has recorded four CDs and regularly participates in concerts in Italy and abroad. A passion for the swing first way has brought Lara to become in 2000 the entry from swing and jive band "Jumpin'Shoes" to work with the band dixieland Lino Patruno and be the voice of "Midnight Blue Orchestra", the last born in time.

 Some projects that have hosted the Festival of Lara Luppi: JVC festival Torino. "; Jazz'n'it" Vignola 2001/2002/2003 editions; Staggering in jazz EJN; Musincanto editions 2002/2003/2004/2005, Torino; Albinea Jazz Festival 2006, Ivrea Jazz Festival, Jazz and Image Celimontana Villa, Rome, Ferrara In Jazz Jazz at the Tower Club, New Orleans Jazz Heritage, Ferrara, Bolzano Jazz and Music Festival 2005/2006; Bologna Jazz Festival at the Cantina Bentivoglio, Bologna, 2007; Rapperswil Blues and Jazz Festival.

*Original CD from sussex

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Speedo 'Harmonica' Jones - Night Train To Stockholm

Styles : Harmonica Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2003
01 - Boogie For James Cotton
02 - Slow Down
03 - Break Your Broom
04 - I Believe To My Soul
05 - Have Blues Will Travel
06 - Blow Wind Blow
07 - Two Years Of Torture

Speedo "Harmonica" Jones Harmonica & Vocals Born: Brooklyn, NY Speedo has been living the blues practically since birth. At a very early age, he was hooked on the AM radio stations on the right side of the dial. Artists like B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Bill Doggett and Jimmy Reed would fill the airwaves with sounds that would touch his soul. At age 14, he started playing harmonica professionally after hearing the sounds of Paul Butterfield and James Cotton. Other major influences included tenor saxophonists Red Prysock, Sil Austin, Clifford Scott and King Curtis in addition to Jazz organists Jimmy Smith, Jack McDuff and Jimmy McGriff. At age 16, the very first concert he attended was the original Savoy Brown band featuring Kim Simmonds on guitar and Chris Youlden on vocals. Little did he know that he would play with both men individually later on in his career. In the meantime he formed the Blues Blasters, the American equivalent of John Mayall's Blues Breakers, but with only one tenth of their success. In 1979, he was a part of the very short lived Chris Youlden Band that played at the Diplomat Hotel, Rock Ages convention in NYC. Someday some of these rehearsal tapes will see the light of day. In 1981, he formed the Speedo Jones All-Stars, a band whose personnel changed from gig to gig. The late Disc Jockey Jon Narucki of WFMU gave him his first on the air radio concert and convinced him to play live dates with the concept of the All-Star band. Members of the Speedo Jones All-Stars have included Jon Specter, Peter Malick, Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown on guitar, Billy Troiani, Keith Lambeth, Harry Holt, Skates Bandura on Bass, George Morales, Mike Idarola, Joe Hamm on Drums, David Cohen, Dave Keyes, Mitch Margold on Keyboards to name but a few. In 1984, he cut the Blues Blasters "Live from the Open Road" which featured Peter Malick and Kim Simmonds on guitar and Mighty Mouth Evans on vocals. Unfortunately, their record is long out of print. From this point on Speedo has jammed and recorded with Albert Collins, Charles Brown, Larry McCray, Climax Blues Band, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Mick Taylor and Kim Simmonds. In 1988, he recorded "Have Blues Will Travel" one of the ten best Blues albums of the year, with the great Mick Taylor. After the Blues scene in NYC died in the late 1980's, Speedo set his sights on Europe and has been playing in Sweden since the early 1990's.

*Original CD from sussex