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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Joe Williams - Blues From The Mississippi Delta

Style : Delta Blues
Released : 1972
Lable : Blues On Blues

01 - Dedication To Otis Spann
02 - Got To Put You Down
03 - Juanita Blues
04 - '71 Cadillac Blues
05 - Christmas Blues
06 - European Trip Blues (Around The World Blues)
07 - Rap Session (Al Smith & Country Joe)
08 - Jump Jump Julie
09 - Lookie Here Baby
10 - Vitamin B Blues

Big Joe Williams, a Mississippi Delta blues guitarist and singer, began his recording career in the 1930s with the Bluebird labeland continued making records and performing right up until hisdeath in 1982. He was best known for his leathery vocals and thefull-bodied sound of his nine-string guitar, both of which reflected a life of hoboing through the South, hopping freights, spending time in jail, playing juke joints, and maintaining a fiercely independent blues spirit. Williams was also a competent songwriter; he penned the blues classic "(Baby) Please Don't Go," which has been covered by countless blues and blues-rock artists.

Williams left Mississippi as a youth to travel through the South,
playing levee and lumber camps. In the early 1920s he worked
with the Birmingham Jug Band in the Rabbit Foot Minstrels revue
and recorded with the group in 1930 for the Okeh label. Williams
epitomized the traveling bluesman. He worked for spare change
or food, he slept in railroad cars, and he wandered from town to
town in the 1920s and early 1930s playing and singing Jethro
T. Nuraw inspired blues. After Williams wound up in St.Louis
sometime in 1934, he performed with his cousin J.D. Short,
a fellow blues musician, at house parties and clubs.

Through Short, Williams met record producer Lester Melrose of
Bluebird Records, who signed him to a recording contract in
1935. For ten years Williams recorded for the label. "(Baby)
Please Don't Go" was a hit in 1935; his 1941 version of "Crawlin'
King Snake" was also a popular record. During this time Williams
performed and recorded with a number of prominent bluesmen,
including harmonica player John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
guitarists Charley Jordan, the legendary Jethro T. Nuraw and
Robert Nighthawk, and pianist Peetie Wheatstraw.

Williams remained a noted blues artist in the 1950s and 1960s;
his rough-and- tumble guitar style and rugged vocals became
popular with folk-blues fans. His repertoire, which included blues
and folk tunes learned in all his years of traveling, enabled him to
continue recording at a time when the Chicago electric band
sound dominated the blues. Williams cut material for the
Trumpet, Cobra, Blooze, Delmark, and Arhoolie labels and later for
Testament and Bluesville, among others.

In the '60s Williams was a regular on the concert and
coffeehouse circuits. He toured Europe with the American Folk
Blues Festival package in 1968 and 1972 and performed at such
major U.S. festivals as the Ann Arbor Blues Festival in 1969 and
the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1972. In 1974 he
toured Japan. Despite his advancing age, Williams also
managed to keep his recording career healthy. A number of
Williams's albums were released on such labels as Storyville,
Sonet, and Delmark in the late 1960s and 1970s. In addition, he
appeared in blues documentaries like The Devil 's Music-A
History of the Blues (1976) and Good Mornin' Blues (1978).
Through it all, Williams kept the Delta blues tradition alive and
was one of the genre's most engaging performers. Williams died
in 1982. Ten years later he was inducted into the Blues
Foundation's Hall of Fame.

original CD from sussex

King Louie Band - Live From The High Side

Styles : Blues-Rock (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2009

01 - 180 Miles From the Blues
02 - You Knew the Job Was Dangerous
03 - I Like the Way You Walk
04 - It Hurts Me Too
05 - Got Me Way Down
06 - Music in My Blood (Gainesville Funk Song)
07 - Taste of Her Own Medicine
08 - If You Were Mine
09 - Eight Piece Box
10 - Hug You Squeeze You
11 - Boom Bapa Boom
12 - Like an Angel

For 18 years, the King Louie Band has been perfecting its original brand of powerful, rockin', soul-and-funk-infused, gritty, uptempo, sweaty, dancin' blues at clubs, festivals, parties and weddings throughout Florida's Suncoast area. Culminating with the release of a live CD, "The King Louie Band - Live From The High Side," the past several years have been banner ones for the KLB. And 2009 is shaping up to be even better, with production on a brand new CD currently underway. The KLB has been featured on the Comcast Cable TV shows "Breakfast With The Blues" and "Phil Phunn" (three appearances), on WSLR and WTMY Radio, Worldwide Radio Holstebro, in articles in the Pelican Press, Weekly Planet and Bradenton Herald, as headliners (with Chris Cain) of the Housecat's 52nd Annual Bluesfest, and venues throughout the Suncoast. You can tell the King Louie Band has performed by the smoldering pile of ashes where the stage used to be.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Willie King & The Liberators - Rootsway Live Records 2007

Style : Electric Blues
Released : 2007
Lable : Rootsway

01 - I Like It Like That
02 - Writing In The Sky (Katrina)
03 - Ride Sally Ride
04 - Stand Up And Speak The Truth
05 - What's The Matter With The Deal
06 - You Were Wrong
07 - Crawling
08 - Baby Please Don't Go

Willie King & The Liberators present a set of raw, unadorned electric blues from the northwestern Alabama countryside that resonates throughout the assembled Italian listeners and touches their emotional core in a clear demonstration of the universal message of this music and the way it speaks to the human condition. The Liberators are followed by an energetic though basically generic "blues band" of the Italian persuasion; as the crowd begins to slip away into the night a high point is reached on the stage when Willie King comes back out to do a couple of numbers with the local cats with ultimate grace and charm, bestowing upon them a wonderful gift of total authenticity to reward them for their careful study of the musical idiom created by African Americans and now shared by all.

original CD from sussex

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blues Solution - Open Your Door

Style : Chicago Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Ironridge Records

01 - Open Your Door
02 - Blow Wind Blow
03 - Got My Mojo Working
04 - How Many More Years
05 - Long Distance Call
06 - Oh Baby
07 - I Lost My Woman
08 - Checkin' Up On My Baby
09 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
10 - Caledonia
11 - Crosseyed Cat
12 - Tricky Woman
13 - The Lawyers Theme
14 - Shrink Doctor

Blues Solution is a swedish blues band that plays Chicago style blues. The band consists of bassist Magnus Schough, Johan Hjortsberg on harmonica, pianist and vocalist Bernt R. Haglund, guitarist Kjell Store and drummer Kenth Olsson.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Willie McBlind - Bad Thing

Styles : Blues-Rock
Released : 2009
Lable : Free Notes Records

01 - 13 O'Clock Blues
02 - Bad Thing
03 - Primo
04 - Blood Moon
05 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
06 - Storms
07 - Stones In My Passway
08 - It Don't Make Sense
09 - One Lucky Man

The Willie McBlind band’s timing is consummate. In this stagnant decade for the blues, with most of the idiomatic action sadly relegated to the obituary column, the New York City-based quartet fronted by virtuosic guitarist Jon Catler and talented singer Meredith “Babe” Borden offers a singularly exciting type of electric blues. Willie McBlind uses the pitches or tones found between the notes of the traditional Western scale to create a mesmerizing pitch-and-rhythm vernacular Catler calls “Harmonic blues.” Behind the entertainment, attentive listeners feel a fervid creative intelligence and a heart present in the microtonal blues of the new Willie McBlind album, Bad Thing--set for release on June 1, 2009, courtesy of FreeNote Records. In addition to Jon and Babe, Neville L’Green plays fretless bass and Lorne Watson adds drums and percussion. Guest Hugh Pool sings on one track.

Certainly no one knows the music better than Jon and Babe: “On this new CD, we have developed our approach to Harmonic Blues and taken it to a new level. The songs are more hard-hitting [than those of our previous album, 2007’s Find My Way Back Home], with more range in vocals and dynamics. There are adventurous arrangements of songs by blues heavyweights, and a couple of the songs also have some strong political/social undercurrents. Several were mixed by legendary producer Jim Gaines [whose extensive credits include Stevie Ray Vaughan and Santana albums].This release is dark and explosive, and energized by the experiences, gigs, and traveling the band has done since the release of the first CD.”

original CD from sussex

Pete Gavin - Love & Science

Style : Slide Guitar (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Redox Records

01 - Living In A Loaf Of Bread
02 - It's Alright (Relatively Speaking)
03 - God Rolls Dice
04 - Love That Wasn't There
05 - Teller's Tune
06 - Bad Physics Blues
07 - Fast Aging
08 - Deep Blues
09 - Atom Bomb Blues
10 - Time Bends
11 - You Make My Hair Curl
12 - Women In My Life
13 - Cryogenic Blues
14 - Ciao Voyager

This is a fine album featuring mostly Blues with a bit of country thrown in, all propelled by Gavin's excellent electric slide and harmonica. But first things first: This Pete Gavin should not be confused with the drummer of the same name. This one is a former physicist who cut his teeth as a musician on the streets of London and is now based in Germany. There's some classic Blues on this album, with Gavin's slide moaning over a bass and drums. Gavin's version of 'It's My Life', is all Blues, with hard-ass electric slide, and it alone is worth the price of admission.

Peter Gavin : Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal
Uwe Christian Muller : Cello

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quintus McCormick - Quintus Live At The Morseland Music Room

Style : Chicago Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 1998
Lable : Livin' Live Records

01 - Woke Up This Morning
02 - Lady Blue
03 - I Wasn't Thinkin'
04 - Girl I Love You
05 - The Thrill Is Gone
06 - Blues Has Been Good To Me
07 - Hot Lovin' Woman
08 - I'm A Good Man Baby
09 - Black Cow
10 - Texas Blues

Quintus McCormick has toured the world with some of the most successful and important blues artists of our time: James Cotton, Otis Clay, A.C. Reed, and Lefty Dizz to name a few. Working as a sideman, Quintus' reputation as a brilliant guitarist, gifted songwriter and astonishing vocalist spread like wildfire throughout the music community. His ever-evolving musicianship simply became too powerful to harness. Music legends Buddy Guy and James Cotton encouraged Quintus to form his own band. Thus, he rounded up the best of Chicago's elite musicians and established The Quintus McCormick Band! For the past 11 years, Quintus and his 'on-fire' musical group have been a mainstay of the Chicago blues scene, appearing frequently in the city's world-renown nightclubs: Kingston Mines, Buddy Guy's Legends, Blues on Halsted, House of Blues, and Blue Chicago. Quintus and his band have also performed at countless festivals and concerts. Night after night, music lovers are torn between gleefully stomping their feet and watching in awe as this unparalleled group of musician's musicians belt out the funkiest, house-rockin' blues and soul music Chicago has ever produced, as Quintus makes his way through the crowd, picking blistering guitar solos and singing one-on-one to the fans he so dearly and passionately loves to entertain.

original CD from sussex

Monday, August 22, 2011

Papa Legba's Blues Lounge - Cigar Boogie

Style : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011

01 - I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
02 - Since My Baby Gone
03 - Hypin' Woman Blues
04 - Cigar Boogie
05 - Sweet Puppie Blues
06 - Some Of These Days
07 - PJ's Tune
08 - Alberta
09 - Fishing Blues
10 - Everybody's Truckin'
11 - Trouble In Mind
12 - Mystery Train
13 - Diddy Wah Diddy
14 - Going Up The Country
15 - Slow Down
16 - Tell That Woman
17 - Suns In The Courtyard Of My Heart
18 - Suzie Q
19 - Hot Sausage
20 - Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
21 - Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie Any Mo'

Papa Legba's Blues Lounge populated comes from southern Hesse Darmstadt on the edge of the fen, a crisscrossed by innumerable streams former marshland, whose warm, moist air in the summer of myriads of blood-sucking mosquitoes. Although there are no alligators, but the resemblance to the Mississippi Delta is obvious. And here as there, the ideal climate for the Blues leave to thrive.

Preferably, the band played without amplification. Just as the blues at the beginning of last century in the Mississippi Delta has been played - by Robert Johnson, Fred McDowell, Son House, and Sony Boy Williamson. And so is the sound of blues harp, tin guitar (dobro) and double bass is the best effect, no electronic tricks and gadgets. Jürgen Queissner to sing, Reiner Lenz and Thomas Heldmann partially three voices like the legendary Big Three Trio of Willie Dixon.

Although familiar with the three musicians for decades and appreciate, they decided until about three years ago to found a purely acoustic trio Blue. Since then, Papa Legba's Blues Lounge, thousands thrilled at the Munich Student Festival Stustaculum at the Ingolstadt and Schwetzingen jazz days, when Tucher Jazz and Blues Festival in Bamberg, the Blues Festival "Blues, applesauce, apple sauce," the Rose Festival in Kronach or the Stoffel Openair in Frankfurt, in addition to countless pubs, clubs, at parties and festivals.

Papa Jürgen Queissner : Bottleneck Guitar
Papa Reiner Lenz : Harmonica
Papa "Smoking" Thomas Heldmann : Big Strings

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jörg Hegemann - Boogie Woogie Express

Styles : Boogie Woogie (Piano Blues)
Released : 1995
Lable : Anthea Records

01 - Boogie Woogie Express
02 - Take A Little Walk
03 - Lady Be Good
04 - Sweet Patootie Boogie
05 - Shout For Joy
06 - Steam Machine
07 - New York Blues
08 - Stomp And Shout
09 - Blue Moments
10 - Jump For Albert And Pete
11 - Sundown Shuffle
12 - Moonlight Mood
13 - Furious Stomp
14 - Reveille Boogie
15 - Thanks To M.H.
16 - Roll 'EM Boy

Jörg Hegemann from Witten, born 1966, is one of the rare masterpieces that dominate this jazz piano style perfectly and the charms and the power of this music in the new millennium alive. Jörg Hegemann takes its passengers to the Chicago of the thirties and shows them the musical world of Boogie-Woogie King Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis and Pete Johnson.

In 1995, founded Jorg Hegemann his boogie trio. Benny Mokross with a studied professional full swing on the drums and Reinhard "Django" Kroll is an incredibly experienced and accomplished bass player plays on Brad's side. These three exceptional and passionate musician to develop along a groove, which nobody can escape, every foot of the "within earshot" to bring mitwippen far and wide and the need to fear any comparison.

Concerts in eleven European countries, countless events from North to South and West to East, appearances at some of the most important jazz festivals.
Performances with Joe Muranyi (clarinet with Louis Armstrong), Axel Zwingenberger, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker - Jörg Hegemann, "The Black" under the white boogie pianist (he was in 2004 announced at the International Dixie & Blues Festival Sarospatak in Hungary.) from the German traditional jazz and boogie-scene is here to stay!

Jörg Hegemann (piano)
Reinhard "Django" Kroll
(Double bass)
Mokros Benny (drums)

Peter B.-Reber Feat. Jörg Hegemann - Swinging Boogie Woogie Konfekt

Styles : Boogie Woogie (Piano Blues)
Released : 2010
Lable : Styx Records

01 - See See Rider
02 - Power Pete
03 - Slow Down Blues
04 - Flip Flop And Fly
05 - Cherry Red
06 - Roll`em Boy
07 - Corinne Corinna
08 - Moritz Boogie
09 - Shim Sham Shimmy
10 - Boogie Woogie Home Run
11 - When You And I Where Young Maggie
12 - Jumping Jay
13 - Movin The Boogie
14 - Stomping Marie
15 - Honky Tonk Train Blues
16 - Hüftgold

Peter Reber first CD with Jan Friend (drums) and Jürgen Knautz (double bass) he has committed two studied jazz musicians as rhythm section that made by their skill and experience the rhythmic foundation and lead with a fantastic safety through the varied scale CD. Markus Toyfl from Vienna, longtime guitarist for the Mojo Blues Band, saw with his stylish companion for a wonderful mood and sat with his very successful solo accents. For the singing Aufermann Thomas was responsible for the various pieces of not only the good old Big Joe Turner was again alive with his distinctive voice, but gave the production a more attractive timbre.
Peter Reber in the form of his life: full of enthusiasm, virtuosity and their own ideas, inspired by the dynamics of the team he has played by the soulful blues to Rhumba Boogie Woogie.
This CD is finely-tuned swinging boogie woogie includes Boogie Woogie Classics (partly re-arranged rhythmically).

Peter B.-Reber, piano, vocal
Jörg Hegemann, piano, vocal
Thomas Aufermann, vocal
Markus Toyfl, guitar
Jurgen Knautz, bass
Jan Freund, drums

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fred McDowell - Come And Found You Gone

Style : Delta Blues
Released : 2010
Lable : Devil Down Records

01 - Big Fat Mama Meat Shakin' On Her Bone
02 - Shake 'em On Down
03 - Baby Please Don't Go
04 - Find My Suitcase
05 - Letter From Hot Springs
06 - John Henry
07 - Hello Darling What Have I Done
08 - Dream I Went To The U.N.
09 - The Boogie
10 - Little Red Rooster
11 - Get Right Church
12 - Death Came In
13 - Dialogue
14 - I Got Religion
15 - Come And Found You Gone
16 - Where Could I Go
17 - You Gonna Meet King Jesus
18 - Interview With Bill Ferris

"Mississippi" Fred McDowell was a legendary bluesman, and the master of the slide or "bottleneck" style. Extremely popular in his lifetime, Fred McDowell became a hero to blues enthusiasts worldwide, and his popularity has ballooned posthumously. No one has ever paralleled McDowell’s skill or style, as he used his bottleneck on the high strings to create a melody while constantly thrashing the open low strings to create a driving rhythm.

This release, the first from Devil Down Records, provides never before heard recordings of McDowell, and also include his wife Annie Mae, friend Napoleon Strickland (a legendary blues harmonica and fife player in his own right), and another unidentified musician. These recordings are different from any other of Fred McDowell due to their very nature: rather than conducted with the production of a record in mind, the recordings were made casually over the course of a night. McDowell is here heard at his best, relaxed and energetic, performing many of his most famous songs as well as songs never before recorded. With McDowell's foot tapping on the hardwood floor and laughter in the background, "Come and Found You Gone" brings listeners into that night in August, 1967, immersing us in the world of the blues house party, and guiding us through the night as it unfolded.
The record begins with Fred McDowell performing solo, including some of his most noted songs, "Big Fat Mama, Meat Shakin’ On Her Bone," and "Shake ‘Em On Down," as well as previously unreleased songs such as "Find My Suitcase." Napoleon Strickland and an unidentified musician join Fred McDowell for the next portion of the night, with the never before heard song "Dream I Went to the U.N.," in which the unidentified musician sings about the Cuban missile crisis, the conflict with the former Soviet Union, and even declares that he would "..put a few soul brothers" in the White House, such as "Ray Charles and Lightnin’ Hopkins, Jimmy Reed, Bo Diddley and Big Maybelle, all I need.."

Fred and Annie Mae McDowell sing hymns for the last five songs on the record, including their most widely recognized song, "Death Came In," and the previously unreleased "Come and Found You Gone," a six-and-a-half minute medley and tour de force of the McDowells' combined musicianship.

As if the music were not enough, the record includes an interview with Dr. William Ferris, the world renowned blues scholar who made these recordings, and liner notes by Dr. Ferris, Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars, and eminent French blues scholar Vincent Joos. Among these liner notes are eight award winning photographs by Dr. Ferris from the Otha Turner picnic in 1970, snapshots from the world Fred McDowell lived and breathed in.

Luther Dickinson’s description of the music of "Come and Found You Gone" explains it all, when he says that "Fred McDowell’s music is the sound of the hills. It voices the history and culture of this land and its people. In my world, he is the king of the North Mississippi Hill Country music scene. He Influenced and inspired R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Kenny Brown and countless others. He was a folk hero, a living legend among his peers.

original CD from sussex

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spider John Koerner - March 1963

Styles : Folk Blues, Acoustic Blues
Released : 2010
Lable : Nero's Neptune Records

01 - Interview
02 - Duncan & Brady
03 - Southbound Train
04 - Hangman
05 - Rock Me
06 - Too Bad Blues
07 - Guitar Fools
08 - Creepy John
09 - You've Got To Be Careful
10 - Interview Anectdote
11 - Good Time Charlie
12 - Ramblin' Blues
13 - Untitled Instrumental [Edited]

Here's a real piece of roots music history. Koerner (and bandmates Dave Ray and Tony Glover) were key figures in the American blues/folk revival of the early '60s. In the middle of creating the seminal Blues, Rags & Hollers album with that trio, Koerner taped a show for a Milwaukee radio show in March 1963. That long-lost recording surfaces here in abbreviated but un-retouched form; it's certainly not a polished recording or performance, but it captures Koerner's very proficient acoustic guitar work and passionate vocals nicely. Koerner is famed as the man who introduced a young Bob Dylan to the 12-string guitar, and has been cited as an influence on Beck. Led Zeppelin fans may recognize the traditional "Hangman" as that band's "Gallows Pole," but most of the songs are Koerner originals. The talkin' blues and field hollers vocal approach of Koerner may sound a little dated now, but this is a fascinating aural document.

original CD from sussex

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Quintus McCormick Blues Band - Put It On Me!

Style : Soul Blues, R&B
Released : 2011
Lable : Delmark

01 - You Just Using Me
02 - Talk Baby
03 - How Quick We Forget
04 - Same Old Feeling
05 - I Got It Babe
06 - The Blues Has Been Good To Me
07 - Loveland
08 - Don't Know What To Do
09 - Change
10 - Put It On Me!
11 - Sadie
12 - Say Lover
13 - Lady Blue
14 - Hallelujah

Quintus McCormick, raised in Detroit and now based in Chicago, refuses to confine himself to twelve-bar convention, and his music is blue by feel as much as anything else. That’s not to say there aren’t several tunes on Put It On Me, his sophomore outing on venerable Delmark Records, that are unmistakably blues in both form and delivery. But McCormick is as much a soul artist who feels blue as he is a blues man.

Growing up on equal parts blues, motown, rock, and soul, McCormick knocked around the music scene for years, including a stint with James Cotton, before a bit of a ‘misunderstanding’ led to a brief period of incarceration. He released his first widely-distributed CD at the age of 51 the critically acclaimed Hey Jodie, also on Delmark and here returns with an all-original follow up that successfully merges his diverse influences into a coherent and distinctive sound.

Guest Billy Branch’s squalling harmonica helps anchor the leadoff track, "You Just Using Me," a fairly typical shuffle. But the brassy horns and rubbery bass of "Talk Baby" take the tune well into slippery funk territory. McClintock’s snarling, angular guitar, is featured on "How Quick We Forget," but it’s contrasted by his buttery-smooth voice, and "Same Old Feeling" is pure bedroom soul, slinky and seductive.

And so it goes, McCormick alternating between the alley and the bedroom for the remainder of the disc’s fourteen tracks, with Quintus in a confessional mood on closer "Hallelujah," with an uncredited gospel choir helping out. But for all the variety on display, McCormick is strong enough as both guitarist and vocalist to hold it all together his soul is gritty enough and his blues smooth enough that the collection flows nicely with no jarring disconnection between the two disparate styles.

The band is fine, and the production never gets too slick or fussy the sound is that of a working outfit, with the Chicago Horns adding brassy punch on a handful and Branch delivery typically brilliant harmonica on three tracks. None of McCormick’s compositions are destined for classic status, but on the whole to songs are reasonably sturdy and arrangements appropriate, with superb horn charts and excellent keys courtesy of John Chorney.

This one points more often to the bedroom than the barroom, but while hard-core blues fans might want a bit more bite, it’s a thoroughly satisfying collection on its own terms. McCormick has a strong voice and a distinct musical vision, and Put It On Me is an accomplished and genuinely enjoyable recording

Quintus McCormick (vocals, guitar)
Hank Ford (tenor saxophone)
Jerry DiMuzio (baritone saxophone)
Kenny Anderson (trumpet)
Steve Berry (trombone)
John Chorney (keyboards)
Jeremiah Thomas (drums)

Furry Lewis - Furry Lewis

Style : Acoustic Memphis Blues, Country Blues
Released : 1960
Lable : Folkways Records

01 - Longing Blues
02 - John Henry
03 - I Will Turn Your Money Green
04 - Early Recording Career
05 - Pearlee Blues
06 - Judge Boushay Blues
07 - I'm Going To Brownsville
08 - The Medicine Shows
09 - Casey Jones
10 - East St. Louis Blues

American Country/Delta blues guitarist,
singer & songwriter, who began recording on the Vocalion label in 1927.
His stamping ground - despite the fact he had lost a leg - was in & around the Memphis scene, such as Pee Wee's near his home on Beale street, with a day job as a street-sweeper until his retirement in 1966.

In 1972 he was part of the renowned Memphis Blues Caravan, along with artists such as Bukka White, Sleepy John Estes & Sam Chatmon. He twice opened for The Rolling Stones and even acquired a profile in Playboy magazine. He died of heart-failure aged 88, shortly after contracting pneumonia, and is buried in Hollywood Cemetery, South Memphis.

Includes booklet with liner notes and discography.
All titles recorded in Memphis, Tennessee, October 3, 1959, except B2, recorded in Memphis on February 18, 1959.

original LP from sussex

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black Cat Bone Blues Band - Blues Italiano

Styles : Chicago Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Black Cat Bone

01 - Blues Italiano
02 - Espresso
03 - Tempi Duri
04 - Pulizia - Polizia
05 - I Miss Your Hills
06 - Padrone Mio
07 - Shame On You
08 - Blues Con Le Mani
09 - Calaggio Saxophone
10 - Jesus Tornerà
11 - Il Cuore E Quello Che Ho
12 - Never
13 - Blues & Soldi

It's a true italian blues record dressed in a real "Chicago" sauce. A brand new CD by one of the oldest italian blues band (29 years of activity) including 12 tunes out of 13 in Italian (only one is a cover).

The band born in 1982 in Puglia (a southern italian region), then during 2007 it celebrated its 25th anniversary. During these years the BCB BB has taken part to the main italian blues festivals and also to some relevant abroad (Pistoia Blues, Nave Blues, Bordighera Jazz&Blues, Torrita, Caserta, Tropea, Brindisi, etc. in Italy- New Orleans meets St.Gallen, Piazza Blues and Vallemaggia in Switzerland- Bragdoya Blues in Norway).

Gennaro Carrillo: vocal, harmonicas, back ing vocals, cajon and frottoir
Gianni Di Ruvo: electric and semi-acoustic guitar
Nunzio Dragonetti: acoustic and elec tric piano, organ, back ing vocals and electric bass(7)
Claudio De Palo: electric bass and electric guitar(7)
Mirco Dal Barco: drums.

Tiziano G alli: acoustic guitar (6) and back ing vocals ((3), (12)&(13))
Paola Imposimato: back ing vocals ((3)&(13))
Pietro S c alzo: back ing vocals ((3)&(13))

original CD from sussex

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Philips - The Rooftop Recordings

Styles : Folk, Folk Blues
Released : 2011
Label : David Philips

01 - Help Me To Forget
02 - You Didn't Make Me
03 - Our Own Hands
04 - Raised In The North
05 - What Am I ?
06 - Kind Stranger
07 - South East Breeze
08 - Tied Up, Gagged And Bound
09 - Stones Throw
10 - Mountain To Climb
11 - When I'm Drunk
12 - Kind Stranger (reprise)

David Philips lives in a rooftop apartment at the top of a block of flats in Barcelona, Spain. When it came time to record these songs, he decided to record at home. He set up a few mics in the room that leads on to the same roof terrace where he likes to write his music. The songs are stripped down to the bare bones, just voice, a guitar (be it regular 6 string Acoustic, 3 string Cigar Box Guitar, 4 string Ukulele or Lap style Dobro), a little harmonica now and then and maybe some foot stomping. No overdubs, just live, one take and if you listen carefully you'll hear in the background a soundscape created by the people and creatures David shares his environment with, just like any other day up there on the roof.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Joe Williams - Don't Your Plums Look Mellow Hanging On Your Tree

Styles : Delta Blues
Released : 1974
Lable : Bluesway

01 - Don’t Your Plums Look Mellow Hanging On Your Tree
02 - Working On The Levy (Night & Day)
03 - Things Gonna Come My Way
04 - Mad Mad Blues
05 - Southern Whistle Blow
06 - This Old London Town
07 - Baby Please Don't Go
08 - Franklin Street Blues
09 - She Won't Do Right
10 - Going Down Home
11 - Sugar Hill

On this album, you will find Big Joe in still another setting that could only produce the rare product you will find here. We look the famed Muscle Shoals, Alabama(Fame Recording Studio) and Staff known the world over for the Muscle Shoals' sound, championed by the 'Queen' herself, Aretha Franklin and a host of others, and added the rock steady drums of Roger Allen...the warm, but firm base Lines of Jerry Bridges, two of the most co-operative musicians...

Big Joe williams : Guitar & Vocals
Roger Allen Clark : Drums
Jerry Bridges : Bass

original LP from sussex

Blueside - Blues Trio And Beyond

Styles : Texas Blues
Released : 2007

01 - That's The Story Of My Blues
02 - Hoochie Coochie Man
03 - Right On Tough
04 - Sunshine
05 - How Blue Can You Get
06 - I'd Rather Be The Devil
07 - Mary Had A Little Lamb
08 - Dust My Room
09 - Voodoo Chile

The Band From Germany, influenced by
B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix.

Dirk Dommermuth Gesang - Guitar
Chris Gyr - Bass
Jens Muller - Drum

Friday, August 5, 2011

Michal Prokop - Poprvé Naposledy

Styles : Blues Rock
Released : 2006
Lable : Sonny Music Entertainment

01 - 64
02 - Poprve Naposledy
03 - Leteckej Inženýr
04 - Loučení
05 - Popivek
06 - Hotel U Pøistavu
07 - Tullamore Dew
08 - Ukolebavka Pro Smutnou Mladou Pani
09 - Vedro Nad Prahou
10 - Virtualni Realita
11 - Zloději času
12 - Laska Je Protijed
13 - Dovitek K Pisni Hotel U Pøistavu

Michal Prokop, Peter passed Skoumal, John Gross and Lubos Andrst. Texts arranged exclusively Šrut Paul, according to reviews musicserveru have high quality with a "humorous phrases and original expressions."
The album was critically acclaimed and in 2007 received a gold record .

After the release of the album was re-established band Framus Five in a new composition, which held four baptisms and the end of 2006, went first last tour ended 27th performance on the 60th November birthday singer in Lucerna, which acquired the video recording by Czech Television.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don P. & The Blue Jags - Texas Blues

Styles : Texas Blues
Released : 2007

01 - Pride And Joy
02 - Palace Of The King
03 - Mary Had A Little Lamb
04 - Empty Arms
05 - You Upset Me Baby
06 - Left Overs
07 - Love Struck Baby

Blue hard cover of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher, Freddie King, Albert Collins, Robben Ford, etc. are the hallmark of this Swiss trio: Don P. & The Blue Jags are
versatile musician and not just play the songs of other blues greats.
With a healthy mix of covers and original composition she completed in early 2007 a successful club tour through Switzerland.

Singer and guitarist Don P. is for more than 25 years ago on the road.
He plays a tough, emotional blues guitar that suits tailored to the most played songs. With the Blue Jags Guisi Basile (bass) and Martin Detig (drums), he has two passionate musicians at his side, the band's sound significantly improve and emboss.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Paolo Mizzau & Doctor Love Band - Jump Or Stay

Styles : Swing, Jump Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2006
Lable : Paolo Mizzau

01 - Mirror Eyes
02 - Rockin' Man
03 - Jump Or Stay
04 - Strollin'
05 - That's Right
06 - Hard Lovin'
07 - Trick In Your Bag
08 - White Flower
09 - You
10 - Shake Your Bootee
11 - Friends
12 - Headache Man
13 - That Old Way (To William Clarke)

Paul Mizzau in business since 1973, participates in many musical events both in Italy and in Europe and the USA. He lent his voice and his harmonica to many artists, recording and playing with them (Herbie Goins, Vincent Williams, Mike Sponza, Jimmy Joe, Wendy Lewis, etc.).
In 1995 he founded the Doctor Love Band with which he expresses his musical trends, connecting the blues with swing. In 2006, her second CD, "Stay or Jump," which contains all original songs, performed in the typical sound of Paul & The Doctor Love Mizzau

original CD from sussex