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Monday, August 22, 2011

Papa Legba's Blues Lounge - Cigar Boogie

Style : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011

01 - I Ain't Gonna Be Your Monkey Man
02 - Since My Baby Gone
03 - Hypin' Woman Blues
04 - Cigar Boogie
05 - Sweet Puppie Blues
06 - Some Of These Days
07 - PJ's Tune
08 - Alberta
09 - Fishing Blues
10 - Everybody's Truckin'
11 - Trouble In Mind
12 - Mystery Train
13 - Diddy Wah Diddy
14 - Going Up The Country
15 - Slow Down
16 - Tell That Woman
17 - Suns In The Courtyard Of My Heart
18 - Suzie Q
19 - Hot Sausage
20 - Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
21 - Ain't Gwine To Whistle Dixie Any Mo'

Papa Legba's Blues Lounge populated comes from southern Hesse Darmstadt on the edge of the fen, a crisscrossed by innumerable streams former marshland, whose warm, moist air in the summer of myriads of blood-sucking mosquitoes. Although there are no alligators, but the resemblance to the Mississippi Delta is obvious. And here as there, the ideal climate for the Blues leave to thrive.

Preferably, the band played without amplification. Just as the blues at the beginning of last century in the Mississippi Delta has been played - by Robert Johnson, Fred McDowell, Son House, and Sony Boy Williamson. And so is the sound of blues harp, tin guitar (dobro) and double bass is the best effect, no electronic tricks and gadgets. Jürgen Queissner to sing, Reiner Lenz and Thomas Heldmann partially three voices like the legendary Big Three Trio of Willie Dixon.

Although familiar with the three musicians for decades and appreciate, they decided until about three years ago to found a purely acoustic trio Blue. Since then, Papa Legba's Blues Lounge, thousands thrilled at the Munich Student Festival Stustaculum at the Ingolstadt and Schwetzingen jazz days, when Tucher Jazz and Blues Festival in Bamberg, the Blues Festival "Blues, applesauce, apple sauce," the Rose Festival in Kronach or the Stoffel Openair in Frankfurt, in addition to countless pubs, clubs, at parties and festivals.

Papa Jürgen Queissner : Bottleneck Guitar
Papa Reiner Lenz : Harmonica
Papa "Smoking" Thomas Heldmann : Big Strings

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