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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pete Gavin - Love & Science

Style : Slide Guitar (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Redox Records

01 - Living In A Loaf Of Bread
02 - It's Alright (Relatively Speaking)
03 - God Rolls Dice
04 - Love That Wasn't There
05 - Teller's Tune
06 - Bad Physics Blues
07 - Fast Aging
08 - Deep Blues
09 - Atom Bomb Blues
10 - Time Bends
11 - You Make My Hair Curl
12 - Women In My Life
13 - Cryogenic Blues
14 - Ciao Voyager

This is a fine album featuring mostly Blues with a bit of country thrown in, all propelled by Gavin's excellent electric slide and harmonica. But first things first: This Pete Gavin should not be confused with the drummer of the same name. This one is a former physicist who cut his teeth as a musician on the streets of London and is now based in Germany. There's some classic Blues on this album, with Gavin's slide moaning over a bass and drums. Gavin's version of 'It's My Life', is all Blues, with hard-ass electric slide, and it alone is worth the price of admission.

Peter Gavin : Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal
Uwe Christian Muller : Cello

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