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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Black Cat Bone Blues Band - Blues Italiano

Styles : Chicago Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011
Lable : Black Cat Bone

01 - Blues Italiano
02 - Espresso
03 - Tempi Duri
04 - Pulizia - Polizia
05 - I Miss Your Hills
06 - Padrone Mio
07 - Shame On You
08 - Blues Con Le Mani
09 - Calaggio Saxophone
10 - Jesus Tornerà
11 - Il Cuore E Quello Che Ho
12 - Never
13 - Blues & Soldi

It's a true italian blues record dressed in a real "Chicago" sauce. A brand new CD by one of the oldest italian blues band (29 years of activity) including 12 tunes out of 13 in Italian (only one is a cover).

The band born in 1982 in Puglia (a southern italian region), then during 2007 it celebrated its 25th anniversary. During these years the BCB BB has taken part to the main italian blues festivals and also to some relevant abroad (Pistoia Blues, Nave Blues, Bordighera Jazz&Blues, Torrita, Caserta, Tropea, Brindisi, etc. in Italy- New Orleans meets St.Gallen, Piazza Blues and Vallemaggia in Switzerland- Bragdoya Blues in Norway).

Gennaro Carrillo: vocal, harmonicas, back ing vocals, cajon and frottoir
Gianni Di Ruvo: electric and semi-acoustic guitar
Nunzio Dragonetti: acoustic and elec tric piano, organ, back ing vocals and electric bass(7)
Claudio De Palo: electric bass and electric guitar(7)
Mirco Dal Barco: drums.

Tiziano G alli: acoustic guitar (6) and back ing vocals ((3), (12)&(13))
Paola Imposimato: back ing vocals ((3)&(13))
Pietro S c alzo: back ing vocals ((3)&(13))

original CD from sussex

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