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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

David Philips - The Rooftop Recordings

Styles : Folk, Folk Blues
Released : 2011
Label : David Philips

01 - Help Me To Forget
02 - You Didn't Make Me
03 - Our Own Hands
04 - Raised In The North
05 - What Am I ?
06 - Kind Stranger
07 - South East Breeze
08 - Tied Up, Gagged And Bound
09 - Stones Throw
10 - Mountain To Climb
11 - When I'm Drunk
12 - Kind Stranger (reprise)

David Philips lives in a rooftop apartment at the top of a block of flats in Barcelona, Spain. When it came time to record these songs, he decided to record at home. He set up a few mics in the room that leads on to the same roof terrace where he likes to write his music. The songs are stripped down to the bare bones, just voice, a guitar (be it regular 6 string Acoustic, 3 string Cigar Box Guitar, 4 string Ukulele or Lap style Dobro), a little harmonica now and then and maybe some foot stomping. No overdubs, just live, one take and if you listen carefully you'll hear in the background a soundscape created by the people and creatures David shares his environment with, just like any other day up there on the roof.

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