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Friday, September 30, 2011

Dago Red - Feel Like... Goin' On

Style : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2005
Lable : EDT

01 - Lord I Feel...
02 - Here Am I...Lord Send Me
03 - Burgeois Blues
04 - Bo Weavil
05 - Sittin' In Heaven'
06 - Kansas City Blues
07 - Another Man
08 - There Was A Time
09 - Key To The Highway
10 - Walk On
11 - Rollin' Night And Day (Bonus Track)

A band of blues and roots that will make the heart beat and foot.
They started playing in 1998 and have since released three CDs, in addition to tracks in dozens of compilations. They wrote songs for artists from the prestigious label "Crosscut records". They played the most important festivals in Italy in the Blues and the rest of Europe.

original CD from sussex

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sam Kelly's Grooviticus - Live At 'Blues' Rhede Germany

Style : Bluesrock, Funk
Released : 2011

01 - Crosscut Saw
02 - Bad For You Babe
03 - Lonely Days
04 - Angel
05 - Rolling Over For Love
06 - I`m On Your Side
07 - World In Trouble
08 - Sex Machine
09 - People Says

Sam started his playing career in the early 70’s with Cymande - the very first band he played in. Although not well known in the UK, Cymande worked in the USA, successfully touring to promote 3 albums which were released on the Janus label, a subsidiary of Chess records (part of the 2nd album was recorded at Chess studios, Chicago).
At the beginning of the year Sam went in the studio to record the rhythm tracks for Gary Moore's new album, and shortly after joined Gary's band for a 10-date tour in Germany.Sam is still working with his own bands - Sam Kelly’s Station House, Primo Blue and Sam Kelly’s Blues Band and he continues to gig with the Papa George Band, Cymande, The Soul Britannia All-Stars, Chuck Farley, Giles Hedley & the Aviators, Francesco Boldini (Italy) and Errol Linton's Blues Vibe.Over the years Sam has worked with Cyamane,Chaka Khan, Dr John, Ben E. King, Robert Plant, The Foundations, Gordon Haskell,Gary MooreBilly Ocean, Desmond Dekker, Eddie Floyd, Roger Chapman, Michelle Shocked and Stan Webb, Madeline Bell, Linda Lewis, Carole Grimes, Pauline Black and Hamish Stuart.… to name but a few.Sam's long career covers live gigs, festivals, drum workshops, theatre work and radio and TV sessions, both in the UK and overseas. Sam has been voted into Blues In Britain magazine Gallery of the Greats, as five-times winner of the 'UK Drummer of the Year' award.

Pau Jobson : Keyboards / Vocals
Spy Austin : Bass / Vocals
Sam Kelly : Drums / Vocals
Leburn Maddox : Guitars / Vocals

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dave 'Snaker' Ray - My Blue Heaven

Style : Country Blues, Folk Blues, Folk Revival
Released : 2011
Lable : Blue Suit Records

01 - Hootie Blues
02 - Way Back Down Home
03 - Rowdy Blues
04 - Person To Person
05 - Key to the Highway
06 - My Blue Heaven
07 - So Glad You're Mine
08 - Jimmy Bell
09 - Rock Me Mama
10 - Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Crying
11 - Big Legs Tight Skirt - Serve Me Right To Suffer
12 - Kiddeo
13 - Moment Of Weakness
14 - Just Because

Dave "Snaker" Ray got his big break in the '60s, when his frequent partners "Spider" John Koerner and Tony Glover formed the trio of Koerner, Ray & Glover. They were an important part of the folk music revival of the time, recording five albums for Elektra that mixed ragtime, country blues, and other offbeat genres that gave them a reputation for being incredibly creative. During the '70s and '80s, the trio only reunited occasionally, mostly at special shows and benefits. Ray and Glover maintained their partnership by performing together once a week for years, and the whole band finally reunited for an album in 1996, One Foot in the Grave. Ray continued to release solo albums through Tim/Kerr Records and perform regularly in the Minneapolis area.
He died in May 2002 at his Minneapolis home sixth months later at the age of 59

About CD
Newly released recordings by the late Dave "Snaker" Ray, known to many as a member of the seminal folk-blues trio Koerner, Ray & Glover, recorded in the last year of his life. Mining the rich oeuvre of American blues and folk music with extraordinary 12.

original CD from sussex

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Conny Nyabonyo & Van Blue Music - Hamburg City Voodoo Woman

Styles : Bluesrock, Funk, Soul (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2010
Lable : Van Blue Music

01 - Riding on the Lovtrain
02 - Hamburg City Voodoo Woman
03 - I Don't Believe
04 - Anything You Want Me To Do
05 - Bluesbound
06 - Old Love
07 - We Know A Soulful Mercedez Benz
08 - Shakedown
09 - Sweet Love
10 - Bluesqueen
11 - Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
12 - Nobody Knows You When You've Down And Out
13 - It's a Blues thing

The band from Harmburg Germany, plays contemporary urban blues with a distinctive funk, soul and bluerock and an independent sound.
Conny Nyabonyo a singer is at the front, whose powerful voice gets under the skin. At her side act of guitarist Gary Van Blue, Christian Hönnige on harmonica and Conny O on tenor saxophone with the right feeling for this great music.

Schorsch H. & Dr.Will - Together

Style : Contemporary Blues, Folk Blues
Released : 2011
Label : Bear Family

01 - Candyman
02 - Alle Mitnander
03 - Little Red Rooster
04 - Boom Boom
05 - Blues Stay Away
06 - Neila Frua Am Moing
07 - Born on the Bayou/Suzie Q
08 - Dead Flowers
09 - Bo Diddley Blues / Jedn Dog
10 - Union Square
11 - Little Sister
12 - The Moon Is Full Again
13 - Schleich Di Boandlkramer
14 - Iko Iko
15 - You Got To Move
16 - I Don't Wanna Grow Up

December 1980: H. Schorsch and Dr. Will are starting out gemenisam on stage. In the next three decades, the two develop their own projects without losing sight of. On stage and in the studio are always encounters the 'family way' instead.
December 2010: time to celebrate! For an exclusive concert series, the brothers have their first as a duo! For the CD "Together", the brothers a very personal selection from her inexhaustible repertoire of blues and roots have taken. In the home studio, the duo of  Tom Waits numbers, the Stones, CCR, among others, his own songs and has recorded Chicago blues! The result is pure, and even hand-made, sometimes backed with original sounds and loops, always rough and authentic. A spontaneous idea came out one disc that can deposit on the Munich Blue Brothers with respect for their teachers their very own interpretation of roots music.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Lefty Dizz & Shock Treatment - Live At The Kingston Mines Volume 1

Style : Chicago Blues
Released : 2009
(Recorded December 13, 1981 to January 23, 1982)

01 - Introduction
02 - Lefty's Boogie
03 - Soon As The Weather Breaks
04 - Believe It
05 - Trouble In Mind
06 - Rock Me
07 - Lefty's Shuffle
08 - Baby Please Don't Go
09 - Somebody Stole My Christmas
10 - Hideaway

This is a compliation of performances at the "Chicago Blues Center", which continues to host shows by the City's best blues Performers, and for decades, has been a destination for international rock stars who come to jam with the world's best bluesmen. This is the venue where Lefty Dizz, Chicago's most flamboyant and entertaining bluesmen, performed his wildest shows on frequent Friday and Saturday nights from the 1970s to his passing on September 7, 1993. In contrast to his relatively tame studio recordings, this first compliation of Kingstone Mines recordings captures the raw energy of Lefty's live performances at the height of his career.
These performances are further enhanced by his hard-driving band, "Shock
Treatment", composed here by long-time members Jimmie Smith on guitar
and Nick Charles on bass, with Ralph Lapetina on organ Ray Allison
on drums, and a two-piece horn section sitting in.

original CD from sussex

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Giles Robson & The Dirty Aces - Crooked Heart of Mine

Style : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2011
Lable : Movinmusic Records

01 - The Mighty Incinerator
02 - Twenty Gallons of Muddy Water
03 - Keep on Diggin'
04 - Some Kinda King
05 - Devil Led Evil
06 - Stick to the Promise
07 - Crooked Heart of Mine
08 - Swindler For You
09 - Solidor
10 - Cooling Board
11 - Magic Tricks
12 - Hometown
13 - Ain't Dead Yet

Giles Robson first came to my attention via some video clips of him and The Dirty Aces in their native Jersey backing Mud Morganfield . . . providing an authentic Chicago-sounding accompaniment to the youngest son of the late blues legend, Muddy Waters. Now, minus the band’s original rhythm section harmonica player and singer Robson, together with guitarist Filip Kozlowski have released “Crooked Heart Of Mine” in the company of the vastly experienced Ian Jennings (bass) and Mike Hellier (drums) ? who is also the driving force behind Movinmusic.

The 13 songs on offer are mainly Robson/Kozlowski compositions which cover a wide spread of blues flavours with a few variations along the way. The opening “The Mighty Incincerator”, which picked up a Radio 2 daytime play from Chris Evans after Paul Jones aired it on his blues show, kicks things off with a definite Canvey Island feel, with Robson’s tough harmonica and Kozlowski’s choppy guitar work; the uptempo “Twenty Gallons Of Muddy Water” rides on a nice harmonica hook’ the country edged “Keep On Diggin’” is driven along by the superb slap bass of Ian Jennings, who is without doubt one of our finest exponents of the ‘doghouse’ bass.

The stripped down “Some Kinda King” has more sweet harmonica; the following “Devil Led Evil” has its roots in gypsy jazz and swings nicely; Giles Robson’s solo composition, “Stick To The Promise” opens with another impressive harmonica salvo and is pushed along with a tough, grinding guitar riff from Filip Kozlowski. The title track, “Crooked Heart Of Mine” is a country blues, a tale of wandering the world, a gentle meander with the brush work of Mike Hellier and Ian Jennings bass work behind some tasteful acoustic harmonica from Robson.

The funky “Swindler For You” takes the tempo up again before the instrumental “Solidor”, a showcase for Robson’s harmonica work. The stomping “Cooling Board” is a highlight, with the traditional blues groove given a more contemporary edge to it, with maybe Tom Waits a vocal influence, and Kozlowski’s guitar impressive again. “Magic Tricks” recalls the legendary bluesman Slim Harpo, a nice boogie with Messrs. Kozlowski and Jennings taking the honours on guitar and bass. Filip Kozlowski’s solo composition is a lovely gentle acoustic instrumental with his fingerpicked guitar behind some inspired Robson harmonica.

The album closer, the tough and pounding “Ain’t Dead Yet” is pretty far removed from most of the rest of the songs here, with fierce guitar solo and driving rhythm section and dark vocal from Giles Robson.

from Harpit

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fred McDowell - The First Recordings

Styles : Delta Blues
Released : 1997
Lable : Rounder Records

01 - Going Down The River
02 - 61 Highway
03 - Wished I Was In Heaven Sitting
04 - When The Train Comes Along
05 - Shake "Em On Down
06 - Worried Mind
07 - Woke Up This Morning With My M
08 - You Done Told Everybody
09 - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
10 - What's The Matter Now
11 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
12 - I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
13 - Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning (Instrumental)
14 - You're Gonna Be Sorry

One of the Alan Lomax Collection "Portraits" series
Field recordings made September 21-25 1959 in Como, Mississippi.
Mastered at Master Cutting Room, NYC
Tracks 3 to 7, 9 to 13 not previously released.
Track 1 previously released as "Going Down To The Races" on CD Roots of the Blues (New World Records 80252-2)
Previous release info for other tracks unstated.

Mississippi Fred McDowell would go on to make several LPs for Testament and Arhoolie in the early sixties and in 1964 he played the Newport Folk Festival before going to Europe to perform at various blues festivals.
He even had one of his songs, "You Got to Move", covered by the Rolling Stones. In 1959, of
course, all this was in the future, and what we have on this CD are his very first recordings.
And what stunning recordings! If you don't believe me, just take a listen to "Worried Mind".
Other tracks include "Going Down the River"," 61 Highway Blues", "Shake 'Em On Down",
"Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and three gospel songs, "Woke Up this Morning With My Mind on Jesus", "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" and "Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning".

Acoustic Guitar - Fred McDowell
Acoustic Guitar - Miles Pratcher (Track:1,5,14)
Vocals - Fred McDowell (Tracks: 1 to 3, 5 to 11, 14)
Rose Hemphill, Sidney Carter (Track: 4)
Annie Mae McDowell (Track: 9)
James Shorty (Track: 12)

original CD from sussex

Henry Townsend - Henry T. Music Man

Style : Country Blues, Piano Blues
Released : 1973
Lable : Adelphi Records

01 - Biddle Street Blues
02 - She Walked Away...
03 - Every Day Of My Life
04 - Sloppy Drunk Again!
05 - Why Do We Love Each Other?
06 - Deep Morgan Stomp
07 - Buzz, Buzz, Buzz...
08 - Heart Trouble
09 - Doing Better In Life
10 - Don't You Remember Me?
11 - Now Or Never!

Several related factors come together here to make this a particularly wonderful blues album, something in the nature of a sleeper that may become a listener's favorite choice when it comes time for some blues. For one thing, there's the surprise factor in that this is not one of the "star" names in blues, due to the fact that Henry Townsend mostly recorded as a sideman, or under a bogus name such as St. Louis Jimmy. His is a top-quality blues voice and he is a sharp and accurate blues picker on both the electric and acoustic model, in the Lightnin' Hopkins and Skip James mode but with a harder edge. And he even throws in some decent blues piano, although the out-of-tune model he uses moves the whole thing into the rarified realm of microtonal blues. Over-familiarity can sometimes take the luster off a performance by a big-name artist, but that is guaranteed not to happen with Townsend because very few blues fans can say they have heard too much of him. Material was recorded over a five-year period, and the wandering and ever-changing sound quality also helps the album, as do the different instrumental combinations. The tandem guitar picking really sounds good, with that wooden back-porch quality that escaped most of the primitive recording machines in the old days, and couldn't possibly be recreated in a modern studio. One track worthy of special mention -- they are all really good -- is the vocal duet performance with Vernell Townsend, a song entitled "Why Do We Love Each Other?" This has a sound that really sticks with you.

original LP from sussex

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jr. Blues Band - They Call Me Jr.

Style : Modern Electric Blues, Contemporary Blues
Released : 2003
Lable : Jr. Blues Band

01 - Blues Man
02 - Carter's Place Cut Up
03 - I Got The Blues
04 - Nasty Reputation
05 - Only You
06 - Thank You Jesus

Blending the fiery soulfulness of Luther Allison with the down-home grit of Elmore James and Ry Cooder, Keith Zofkie is ready to take the blues scene by force. With his new self-titled CD, this bluesman has one goal: to share his uncompromised vision of the blues and how it should be played.
Keith "Junior Blues" Zofkie, 27, began playing guitar when he was just 12 years old. A self-taught player, he discovered the blues early thanks to his older brother, who also played guitar. After a trip to Chicago's old Maxwell Street, he was armed with an arsenal of music that continues to influence him to this day - Elmore James, Lighting Hopkins, John Lee Hooker.

In the late 1990s, he began showing his face ----- and his Stratocaster (and later, his black Telecaster) -- at Joliet-area blues jams. That's where he met local blues legends like Twist Ferguson, T-Bird Huck, Al Spears, Mike Cincanelli and Marty "Big Dog" Mercer. It was Twist Ferguson and Al Spears who bestowed upon him the moniker "Junior Blues."

"They've really helped me out getting to where I want to be," he said. "They pointed me in the right direction. Playing with Tim O'Brien's Little Brothers Band, and T-Bird Huck and the Blues Busters, M-6 with Twist, and Big Dog Mercer's band -- playing with those guys season you."

That experience shines forth in his guitar playing. One thing that has always separated Junior Blues from the faceless other ax-slingers in the crowd is his deep-seeded love of the blues, and his genuine, unflinching approach to the music.

La Vieja Ruta - Vivo Con Los Blues

Style : Chicago Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2001

01 - Chicken Shack
02 - La Ley
03 - La Arrastrada
04 - Viejo
05 - Los Muchachos Del Bar
06 - Soy un Tipo Muy Sencillo
07 - Hideaway
08 - Soy Asi
09 - Me Acaban de Enterrar
10 - Liliana
11 - High Compression

La Vieja Ruta is a blues band from Buenos Aires, formed in the early 90s. Its name refers to the crossroads and his legend with blues musicians. Since its inception, continuously presented by the different scenarios Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. In his first appearances, the band formed as a quintet in which Walter were already on vocals and harmonica Rene, Fernando Heller on guitar, Adrian on drums Scollo. Shortly after incorporating Borchert Hugo (bass) and Ariel Roge (guitar) began to define his style. The removal of Hugo Borchert in 1999, led to the addition of Daniel Garavaglia on bass. In mid-2009, joins on keyboards and Ariel Masini Tojo Martin on sax, thus leaving the current shape:

La Vieja Ruta is one of these bands that live on Chicago sound using it as the basis to build up their own compositions. Most of the tunes included on the cd are sung in Spanish which give an original different touch. A completely classic musical band with harmonica and vocals, two guitars, bass and drums.

from Rugbymen

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lefty Dizz & Shock Treatment - Live In Chicago

Style : Chicago Blues
Released : 2008

01 - Introduction
02 - Baby Please Don't Go
03 - It Hurts Me Too
04 - Chips Flyin' Everywhere
05 - Caledonia - Saturday Night Fish Fry
06 - Bad Avenue
07 - Boogie All Night Long
08 - All I Want
09 - You Don't Know
10 - It's Alright
11 - Bring It On Home

Born in Arkansas in 1937, Dizz (the nickname was bestowed on him by Hound Dog Taylor & the HouseRockers, appropriating it from drummer Ted Harvey, who used the name when he was "playing jazz in the alley") started playing guitar at age 19 after a four-year hitch in the Air Force. Entirely self-taught, he played a standard right-handed model flipped upside down, without reversing the strings. His sound was raw and distorted and his style owed more to the older bluesmen than to the hipper West Side players like Otis Rush and Buddy Guy working in the B.B. King mode. By the time he came to Chicago, he had honed his craft well enough to become a member of Junior Wells's band in 1964, recording and touring Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia with him until the late '60s. At various times during the '60s and early '70s, he'd also moonlight as a guitarist with Chicago stalwarts J.B. Lenoir and Hound Dog Taylor, while sitting in everywhere and playing with seemingly everyone. While being well-known around town as a "head cutter," Lefty Dizz was always welcome on anyone's bandstand. His personality, while seemingly carefree and humorous, masked a deep, highly intelligent individual who had also earned a degree in economics from Southern Illlinois University.

He kept soldiering on in the blues trenches through the '90s when he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. While chemotherapy helped, Lefty went back to work far too soon and far too hard to stay on top of his game for much longer. The unflappable Dizz, who could seemingly make the best out of any given situation without complaint and had friends in the blues community by the truckload, finally passed away on September 7, 1993. And with his passing, the blues lost perhaps its most flamboyant showman.

About CD
On these live recordings, Dizz is backed by his regular band of the time, Shock Treatment, featuring long-time members Jimmie Smith on guitar and Nick Charles on bass, with Carl Snyder on keyboard and Charles Caldwell on drums.

The first seven tracks were recorded at Chicago's Granada Theater, and include a smoking four-piece horn section featuring saxophonist Detroit Gary Wiggins. While the material here is mostly made up of covers, the performance kicks into high gear right from the start with a smoking introduction that takes us straight into a barn-storming, "Baby Please Don't Go", followed by a smoking take of the Elmore James classic, "It Hurts Me Too", that truly highlights Dizz's unique style, while Carl Snyder's keyboards simply shine, adding just the right touches throughout. Dizz, influenced by Elmore James, and having served as the last guitarist in Hound Dog Taylor's Houserockers, was inspired by Taylor to get that "raw" electric slide sound using only his bare fingers. Dizz played a well-worn, right- hand Fender Stratocaster turned upside down without being restrung, resulting in a bending technique that pulled and dragged the treble strings down from the top. This, coupled with his wild vibrato, created a unique sound that simulates the slide guitar of James and Taylor so much so that most folks assume that Dizz used a slide. This sound was further enhanced by his use of a beat- up Fender Twin Reverb amplifier with each and every volume and tone knob cranked all the way up to 10. Dizz never used a slide or any effects devices; he didn't need them. He developed a unique style that conjured up the spirit of the old bluesmen, as well as the spirit of Jimi Hendrix in tonal similarities, with a supercharged sonic attack that became his trademark. Other highlights from this show include Lefty's take on two Louis Jordan classics, where he fuses together "Caledonia/Saturday Night Fish Fry", and makes them his own. The entire band, including the horn section, scream their way through this one - a true showpiece - running just over six minutes, that ends way too soon. Dizz follows this up with his lowdown "Bad Avenue" and the rambling "Boogie All Night Long", that wraps up a truly great show. The last four tracks on the disc are taken from a show at Chicago's Sports Corner in June of '82. The wild-ass energy of the previous tracks doesn't stop for a second as Dizz tears into a ten-minute..
"All I Want", that's quickly becoming my favorite track on the CD, followed by the slow-burning "You Don't Know", the rollicking "It's Alright", along with the set closing "Bring It On Home", that wraps up one of the finest live performances that I have heard in a long time. Lefty Dizz wasn't recorded often, and he was never properly presented on his too-few studio sets. Ain't It Nice To Be Loved on JSP, Shake For Me on Black & Blue, and the long unavailable Somebody Stole My Christmas on Isabel all suffered from shoddy production and inadequate backup. Lefty was at his best live, and with Lefty Dizz and Shock Treatment: Live in Chicago, longtime fans finally have a recording that solidifies his stature as one of Chicago's most explosive and flamboyant performers.

original CD from sussex

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Van Blue Music - Modern Electric Blues Styles

Style : Modern Electric Blues
Released : 2006
Lable : Van Blue Music

01 - Sweet Lovin?
02 - Anything You want Me To Do
03 - Dr. Feelgood
04 - Love Me Like a Man
05 - Me And My Baby
06 - Come To Mama
07 - We'll Play The Blues for You
08 - Step 'N' Stone

Van Blue Music - The much-booked except hamburger Blue Gang
makes more and more of the speeches and shines with outstanding
Reviews. No wonder, since the band around the strong-voiced Blue Queen Conny is a Nyabonyo, Groove Machine '. Modern Electric Blue styles at its best.

The voice of Connie Nyabonyo was already highly praised in advance And rightly so. Joy Flemming and Inga came with your torso bluesy tube into the Sense. Conny's Gary's vocals and haunting guitar solos that sound Rhythm and force this powerful blues numbers - all together accounted for a good long night for fans of this music.

The singer Conny Nyabonyo flirted with the
Audience and knew with her expressive voice, which at
Janis Joplin and Joy Flemming inspire remembered.

Since 1994 Van Blue Music is now in terms of blues on the road.

Conny Nyabonyo - Vocals
Gary Van Blue - Guitar
Mr. Bruno - Bass
Sandy Lennon - Drums

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lee Jackson - Lonely Girls

Style : Chicago Blues
Released : 1974
Lable : Bluesway Records

01 - Lonely Girl
02 - Juanita
03 - Lee Jackson's Boogie
04 - I Had A Dream Last Night
05 - Neck Bones
06 - Lonely Without Love
07 - Country Girl
08 - Old Aunt Jane
09 - When I First Came To Chicago
10 - All Around Man
11 - The Sky Above

This Chicago blues artist was a driving force in the rhythm sections that recorded on many of the finest sides cut in the '70s, such as the intense Master of Modern Blues album by Johnny Shines on the Testament label. Although a fine guitarist in his own right, Jackson mostly recorded in the bass role, a part that although vitally functional in the music almost always guarantees anonymity on the part of the individual. But although largely unknown by name, the playing style of Jackson is vastly influential. Many young blues and rock players who got into roots music in the '80s cut their teeth on these records, the bassists copping so many of Jackson's licks that one might think the country chestnut about "goin' to" "Jackson" was about them. The man's work on guitar is featured on the Big Boss Men collection of Willie Dixon and Jimmy Reed on the Indigo label, and he handled both instruments on his collaborations with the wonderful J.B. Hutto, also documented on several top-notch Delmark albums. One unfortunate and definitely final development that places him amongst an elite but distressingly large group of bluesmen was the fact that he was murdered, although the details of Jackson's slaying are not widely known. He is often confused with other musicians who share his admittedly common name, although the listener should definitely not believe in the existence of a single musical superhero if one man who could play blues with Sunnyland Slim, bass with the progressive rock group the Nice, and country picking with Lacy Gibson.

About LP
This LP was recorded in Chicago in 1973 and some greatest musicians available to make Lee feel comfortable and in a mood reality play.
The musician were his old pal-a living legend-Sunnyland Slim on piano, Carey Bell on harmonica, Willie Williams on drums, Bombay on bass.

original LP from sussex

Monday, September 5, 2011

Olaf Giebe - I'm Fat

Style : Bluesrock, Swamp Blues
Released : 2006
Lable : Rose Valley Records

01 - Pay TV
02 - Pussycat-a-Go Go
03 - I'm Fat
04 - Rock and Roll In The Middle Of The Night
05 - Out In The Swamp
06 - Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear?
07 - Summer Girls
08 - Empty Chair
09 - Intensive Care
10 - Thinking Of You
11 - Sneakin' Sally Throzgh The Alley
12 - Testify
13 - Raumpatrouille

This is the CD of rock and blues guitarists OG (Olaf Giebe). Is this something to do with his girth? "Of course not," says O.G. frankly, "meant only the guitar sounds are opulent." After all, there O.G. too, that it is his belly, which was put into the picture on the cover ...

Regardless of what is now meant - I'm Fat is actually a full-bodied plate. On offer is flaky party rock and roll, Texas and swamp blues, 70s rock, funk and soul music a shot and a pinch balladesque to rounding. Contributions were made partly in Hanover and partly in Munich, each with the cream of local rock and blues scene. Because O.G. and the other musicians (eg Arndt and Schulz Werner Lohr in the north, Ludwig Seuss and Dr. Will in the South) know for many years and often play together, came out in an organic product that sounds like a well-rehearsed band and suspended.

The sound is powerful, but relaxed. It is dominated by the polycyclic vocals and guitars (all of OG's veritable vintage collection, guitarists can appreciate the meticulous documentation in the lovingly-made 16-page booklet), and OG less on high-speed acrobatics than on emotion and expression sets (eg when the melancholy solo in "Thinking Of You" and the saucy blues licks in "Pussycat A-Go-Go"). Rounding out the sound through the keyboard genius of Ludwig Seuss (eg the wonderful Hammond organ in "Empty Chair"), as well as choirs, percussion and wind instruments once also.

O.G. loves the music of Louisiana. "While coming just two of the five cover versions of Louisiana musicians (namely," Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear "by Dave Bartholomew and" Sneakin 'Sally Through the Alley "by Allen Toussaint), but I've tried Feeling this living all over the board 'to get across. "

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Buick 6 - Cypress Grove

Style : Country Blues, Folk Blues, Contemporary Blues
Released : 1990
Lable : Taxim Records

01 - From A Buick 6
02 - Cypress Grove
03 - Stealin'
04 - The Puller
05 - Joshua Gone Barbados
06 - A Few Of Your Lines
07 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
08 - Statesboro Blues
09 - Stones In My Passway
10 - Jitterbug Swing
11 - Sugar Cane Train
12 - Barrelhouse Woman

A band of three extraordinary British/Irish musicians - Roger Hubbard (National guitars)/Colin Gibson (bass)/Liam Genockey (drums) - whose music is based on a relaxed blues groove that is truly unique - and quite similar to Ry Cooder's style. On their debut album they present a wellrounded mix of country-blues and folk classics from Skip James to Bob Dylan.

original CD from sussex

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ray Skjelbred - Plays Blues And Boogie Woogie

Style : Boogie Woogie, Piano Blues
Released : 2002
Lable : Arcola Records

01 - Comiskey Blues
02 - County Jail Blues
03 - Hull House
04 - Bluebird Blues
05 - Riverside Blues
06 - Midnight Hour Blues
07 - Neighorhood Stomp
08 - George Zack Blues
09 - My Daddy Rocks Me
10 - Barrelhouse Blues
11 - On the Wall
12 - Blues for Celeste Holm
13 - Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
14 - Fan It
15 - Shoeshiner's Drag
16 - The Alligator Pond Went Dry
17 - Take Your Burden to the Lord
18 - Cathedral Blues
19 - You've Got to Give Me Some
20 - The Mooche
21 - Gray Blues

Ray is well known in the Bay Area as a traditional jazz player with a strong blues background. Ray Skjelbred sits down and hands in a solid, all-instrumental set showing his love for piano blues and boogie. From the slow and delicate Comiskey Blues, dedicated to Jimmy Yancey, through Big Maceo's County Jail, a stellar example of his powerful left hand, or Leroy Carr's Midnight Hour Blues, a wonderful mid-tempo piece, the heart and feeling are evident. Skjelbred's originals, seven of the twenty-one cuts, fit seamlessly with the more traditional offerings. While hardly a household name, his piano work manages the driving bass lines, plus the grit and grind necessary. He was introduced to the blues of Leroy Carr and Big Maceo. The blues have been a part of his repetoire and style ever since.

original CD from sussex