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Monday, September 5, 2011

Olaf Giebe - I'm Fat

Style : Bluesrock, Swamp Blues
Released : 2006
Lable : Rose Valley Records

01 - Pay TV
02 - Pussycat-a-Go Go
03 - I'm Fat
04 - Rock and Roll In The Middle Of The Night
05 - Out In The Swamp
06 - Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear?
07 - Summer Girls
08 - Empty Chair
09 - Intensive Care
10 - Thinking Of You
11 - Sneakin' Sally Throzgh The Alley
12 - Testify
13 - Raumpatrouille

This is the CD of rock and blues guitarists OG (Olaf Giebe). Is this something to do with his girth? "Of course not," says O.G. frankly, "meant only the guitar sounds are opulent." After all, there O.G. too, that it is his belly, which was put into the picture on the cover ...

Regardless of what is now meant - I'm Fat is actually a full-bodied plate. On offer is flaky party rock and roll, Texas and swamp blues, 70s rock, funk and soul music a shot and a pinch balladesque to rounding. Contributions were made partly in Hanover and partly in Munich, each with the cream of local rock and blues scene. Because O.G. and the other musicians (eg Arndt and Schulz Werner Lohr in the north, Ludwig Seuss and Dr. Will in the South) know for many years and often play together, came out in an organic product that sounds like a well-rehearsed band and suspended.

The sound is powerful, but relaxed. It is dominated by the polycyclic vocals and guitars (all of OG's veritable vintage collection, guitarists can appreciate the meticulous documentation in the lovingly-made 16-page booklet), and OG less on high-speed acrobatics than on emotion and expression sets (eg when the melancholy solo in "Thinking Of You" and the saucy blues licks in "Pussycat A-Go-Go"). Rounding out the sound through the keyboard genius of Ludwig Seuss (eg the wonderful Hammond organ in "Empty Chair"), as well as choirs, percussion and wind instruments once also.

O.G. loves the music of Louisiana. "While coming just two of the five cover versions of Louisiana musicians (namely," Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear "by Dave Bartholomew and" Sneakin 'Sally Through the Alley "by Allen Toussaint), but I've tried Feeling this living all over the board 'to get across. "

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