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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warner Williams & Jay Summerour with Eric Selby - The Best of Little Bit a Blues Live B.B. King's

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Piedmont Blues
Released : 2013
Label : Soul Stew Records

01 - Step It Up & Go (Live)
02 - Hey Bartender, There's a Big Bug in My Beer (Live)
03 - Rocks Is My Pillow (Live)
04 - Greyhound Bus Blues (Live)
05 - I've Got a Woman (Live)
06 - Whiskey Headed Woman (Live)
07 - I've Had My Fun (Going Down Slow) [Live]
08 - Key to the Highway (Live)
09 - I Feel so Good (Live)
10 - Worried Life Blues (Live)
11 - I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town (Live)
12 - Ain't Gonna Pick No More Cotton (Live)
13 - Black Cat Bone Blues (Live)
14 - Good Mornin' Little School Girl (Live)
15 - C.C. Rider (Live)
16 - Little Bit a Blues Theme (Live)

 Warner Williams and Jay Summerour have been playing music together under the name of Little Bit A Blues for nearly 30 years. During their tenure together, they have recorded several albums, including one under the Smithsonian Folkways label. Eric Selby joined up with Warner and Jay several years ago, completing the current trio heard on this new and exciting release. Little Bit A Blues have played concert venues and blues festivals across the country?too many to name.

Icons in the genre of piedmont-style, acoustic blues, Little Bit A Blues has become a fan favorite nationwide. Often shying away from the media spotlight, they have continued their musical journey together while gaining a large and loyal following. Individually and as a group, they have received numerous awards and recognitions in honor of their commitment to delivering real-deal, acoustic blues. Just in 2012 alone, Eric Selby was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, Jay Summerour received a WAMMIE Lifetime Achievement Award and 83-year-old Warner Williams was inducted by the National Endowment of the Arts as a Lifetime Heritage Fellow for his contribution to American music.

From the coaxing of Bill Wax of B.B. King’s Bluesville, Little Bit A Blues got together and completed a live recording at SiriusXM Studios in the Fall of 2012. This amazing recording session has become the latest release from Soul Stew Records, 'The Best of Little Bit a Blues Live B.B. King's'.

This new release was recorded in a similar manner to how they perform their concerts: live, no musical edits and no overdubs. Whether it’s the beat-tapping of Warner’s boot or a much needed cough in between verses to belt out the blues, on this CD, you hear it all in its raw and honest form. Just like the real-deal acoustic blues they deliver.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Patricia Wilder - Lay Down Daddy

Styles : Blues-Rock, Funky, Soul Blues
Released : 2007
Label : Patricia Wilder

01 - Love Me Like You Say
02 - Be Your Fool
03 - Lay Down Daddy
04 - Ooh Pah Doo
05 - Rock Me Baby
06 - I'm Proud
07 - Change
09 - Heart of Mine

 Pat Wilder is the premiere performer of blues and gospel guitarist and singer in the entire Northern California music scene. Her live show exudes a raw magnetism
that draws her audience in to her inescapable rhythms and hues.

 She sings like an angel on some tunes and a hot howl'n woman on others in her recent cd Lay Down Daddy. Pat Wilder is a virtuoso guitarist who's skills will satisfy the most demanding listener.

 Ms Wilder is also a skilled composer who's compositions can be heard on the music samples. See and hear for yourself why Pat Wilder is a top draw act wherever she goes. Ms Wilder has been a guest performer
worldwide and continues to tour on a regular basis.

 Plans are in the makings for an upcoming tour of southern United States in the spring that includes stops in Louisianna, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our own local/national celebrity blues writer/critic, Ms Dorothy Hill, has written a first person accounting of last year's tour through the same area and reported it in "Blues Art" magazine.

 Patricia Wilder is LIVE every time she steps onstage. Catch up and listen to blues played by a modern master with her band, Serious Business.
Ms Wilder performs regularly in her home city of San Francisco where lucky bluesfans regularly get their fill of that special blend of Wilder magic.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Warner Williams - Christian Jubilee

Styles : Piedmont Blues, East Coast Blues
Released : 2008
Label : Patuxent Music

01 - Sign Me Up for the Christian Jubilee
02 - Amazing Grace
03 - Just a Little Talk with Jesus
04 - What a Friend we Have in Jesus
05 - Last Mile of the Way
06 - I Shall Get Home Some Day
07 - Farther Along
08 - I'll Fly Away
09 - Pass Me Not
10 - Precious Lord Take My Hand
11 - The Old Rugged Cross

 Warner Williams has been plying his musical wares in and around the Maryland-Washington, D.C. area for the past sixtyfive years. Over the last two decades he has partnered with harmonica player and percussionist Jay Summerour. They have established themselves as master musicians equally at home on the festival circuit or at a friend’s fish fry.

 Drawing on an endless repertory of blues, county, jazz, pop, gospel, rock, and even old-time classics, Williams imprints each piece with his own style, the mark of a true songster. Over the course of his life he’s picked up lots of songs and as long as it’s good music, he doesn’t discriminate between genres. He grew up in a profoundly musical family, performing as a youngster at home, church, and on the streets. When he was old enough, he played in jooks and taverns, at times working with various bands. But for the most part, music has been a pleasure and a hobby secondary to a day job and raising his own musical family. Recently retired from the Montgomery County Park and Planning Commission, he can now dedicate more time to playing and expanding his musical reputation.

 Three generations of family-based music provide context for his superb musicianship. His skills and musical choices provide a unique blend of rural and urban and black and white traditions. He admits a preference for older songs that date back as far as the country breakdown
his father once played, but most stem from blues, jazz, country, pop, and rhythm and blues of the late 1940’s and 1950’s. A musician’s musician, his playing and singing appear so effortless that it takes a moment or two to realize just how good he is. With his outsized cowboy hat, boots, jeans and shades, he’s hard to miss; and when he starts to play, whether it’s Blind Boy Fuller, Fats Waller, or Fats Domino, he’s impossible to ignore. Together with Jay Summerour, they are outstanding examples of the East Coast guitar/harmonica duet tradition, and their music reminds us that there are more blues highways than the Delta’s 61 or 49.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

George Mcconkey - Tin & Bone

lStyles : Acoustic Blues, Harmonica Blues
Released : 2008
Label : George McConkey

01 - West Dawson
02 - Mariposa
03 - Up On The Dempster
04 - Saint Anne's Reel
05 - Something Sent Me An Angel
06 - Mystery Train
07 - Trouble No More
08 - Summer People
09 - Swallow Tail Jig
10 - Sitting On Top Of The World
11 - Lost John
12 - Tin & Bone

George McConkey is a northern institution. Fondly nicknamed Harmonica George by his myriad of Yukon fans, he is a founding member of the Undertakin’ Daddies (Juno nominated for Post Atomic Hillbilly in 2002) (West Coast Music Awards nominee for Devil in the Rearview 2004) and has toured Europe, the US and across Canada.

Known as a musician’s musician, Harmonica George has let his lyrical style of improvisation bedazzle and amaze all who listen, performing with the likes of Calvin Vollrath, Lester Quitzau, Carolyn Mark, Hawk Walsh, Gordie Johnson, David Essig, Wyckham Porteous, Cardella De Milo, Dino Spells, Teresa Doyle, Rick Scott, Ray Condo, Gary Comeau, Rawlin’s Cross, Kenny Wayne, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Phil Dwyer, and Phil Lloyd to name a few.

A sought after session musician in the Yukon, Harmonica George has played on many renowned Yukon projects including CDs for Jerry Alfred and The Medicine Beat (Juno winner Best Aboriginal Recording 1996 , Juno nominee 1997), The Pointer Brothers, Anne Louise Genest, Joe Bishop and Kendall Sullivan, Deering and Down. He has opened for John Hammond Jr., Blue Rodeo, Prairie Oyster and Tom Russell, performed by invitation for Prince Charles, and been an invited guest at Vancouver’s prestigious Harmonica Blast.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Philadelphia Jerry Ricks & Oscar Klein - Blues Session

Styles : Country Blues, Diatonic Harp
Released : 1979
Label : Mediaphon Records

01 - I Am Your Hoochie Coochie Man
02 - J & K Rag
03 - Pistol Slappin' Mama
04 - Johnny Mae
05 - One For Pee Wee
06 - Frankie
07 - Boogie In The Rough
08 - Trouble In Mind
09 - Mezz And Tommy
10 - Special Agent
11 - Stuttgart Rag
12 - Sittin' On The Top Of The World
13 - Ain't She Sweet

"Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks has taken the art of blues guitar to new levels with his two groundbreaking releases for the Rooster Blues label. Raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Ricks has been splitting his time between Philadelphia and parts north during summer and Mississippi during the winter in recent years. Ricks got his master's degree in acoustic blues by hanging out with the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, and other 1960s blues revival folk-blues musicians when they came to coffeehouses and small bars in Philadelphia. These were artists who were both great names and great personalities: Son House, Jesse Fuller, Libba Cotten, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, and others who were around for the 1960s folk and blues revival. In his capacity as booking manager for the Second Fret Coffee House in Philadelphia from 1960 to 1966, he had the chance to learn and practice "hangout-ology" with all the above-mentioned bluesmen and Cotten and other blueswomen.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cadillac John Nolden & The Cornlickers - Red's Joint Sessions

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Country Blues, Gospel
Released : 2012
Label : Right Coast Recordings

01 - Sugar Momma
02 - Seems Like a Dream
03 - Two Trains
04 - Big Legged Woman
05 - Too Many Drivers
06 - Good Morning
07 - Maried Woman
08 - Vicksburg Blues
09 - Big Fat Woman
10 - Crazy 'bout You
11 - Still a Fool

Moved by the old spirituals he heard in the Baptist Church as a child and the country blues he heard Charlie Booker play, Cadillac John Nolden brings his long-standing passion for spiritual music and the blues to his performances today.

 Recorded live at Red's Lounge in Clarksdale, Mississippi, 'Cadillac' John Nolden-Vocals and Harmonica, The Cornlickers: Dale Wise-Drums, Dave Groninger-Guitar, Bobby Gentilo-Guitar, Tony Ryder-Bass, Produced by Bobby Gentilo & Dave Groninger, Executive Producer Dale Wise, Engineered by Bobby Gentilo, Recorded at Right Coast Recording

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Al Cook - Mississippi 1930

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Country Blues
Released : 2013
Label : Wolf Records

01 - Al Cook - Mississippi 1930 (Intro)
02 - Al Cook - Comment 01
03 - Al Cook - Mississippi Blues (Part 1)
04 - Al Cook - Race Horse Blues
05 - Al Cook - Comment 02
06 - Al Cook - Cannonball Blues
07 - Al Cook - Comment 03
08 - Al Cook - Jake Liquor Blues
09 - Al Cook - Comment 04
10 - Al Cook - Mississippi Women Blues
11 - Al Cook - Mississippi Blues (Part 2)
12 - Al Cook - Comment 05
13 - Al Cook - Death Bell Blues
14 - Al Cook - Comment 06
15 - Al Cook - Hard Delta Blues
16 - Al Cook - Comment 07
17 - Al Cook - Magnolia Blues
18 - Al Cook - Comment 08
19 - Al Cook - Magnum 45 Blues
20 - Al Cook - Comment 09
21 - Al Cook - I'm Wild About You Baby
22 - Al Cook - Comment 10
23 - Al Cook - Black Hearted Woman Blues
24 - Al Cook - Comment 11
25 - Al Cook - Reckless Woman Blues
26 - Al Cook - Comment 12
27 - Al Cook - Southbound Train Blues
28 - Al Cook - Comment 13
29 - Al Cook - That's Allright
30 - Al Cook - Comment 14
31 - Al Cook - Piney Wood Blues
32 - Al Cook - Comment 15
33 - Al Cook - No More Good Water
34 - Al Cook - Farewell

Al Cook is the dean of Austrian blues singer/guitarists. He figured it all out at the start over fifty years ago, learning from the best of the American artists. A lot of people marvel that someone from Central Europe with English as a second language can get such an authentic sound, but Al Cook proves it can be done. I’m sure it took some hard work on top of his innate talent, but he did it. For me the most amazing thing is that he can write songs that have the ring of old blues from the 1920s and 1930s. The lyrics, melodies, and guitar parts are all true to the idiom. Mississippi 1930 has a fine selection of Al Cook’s original songs, woven together by his charming narrative. The listeners become time-travelers back to the environment of Papa Charley Patton, Son House and their buddies.~ Prof. David Evans, University Of Mississippi

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

V.A. - Goodbye Babylon (Dust To Digital Records, 2003) (6CDs Set)

On the same wavelength as the 2001 multi-award-winning monographic Revenant boxed set dedicated to Charlie Patton, Dust-to-Digital releases this luxury compilation including five CDs of gospel or gospel-related music and one of sermons. From the very packaging we are faced with a high-quality and carefully manufactured product, which is packed in raw cotton and housed in a cedar box, with a profusely illustrated 200-page booklet including the transcription of each song, preceded by exhaustive liner
notes compiled by the most famous gospel scholars and glossed by verses drawn from the Bible.

 The essays, which are the result of extensive research, are written in understandable and concise English. Art direction and mastering are superb. The photos alone are worth the money for the boxed set and, compared to previous reissues, the excellent sound restoration helps to better understand lyrics. The quality of the music on offer is not inferior: the 135 songs, recorded between 1902 and 1960, are veritable gospel masterpieces or, in any case, black or white compositions dealing with sacred material.

 The range is broad: from major artists usually associated with the blues, such as Skip
James, Blind Willie McTell and Bukka White, to well-known (Blind Willie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis) or minor (Sister Cally
Fancy, Sister O. M. Terrell) guitar evangelists, they all belong to the band. Supporting beams of black vocal music, such as the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet and the Trumpeteers, challenge the voice of mighty singers, such as Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Thomas A. Dorsey, the putative father of Gospel, appears beside Arizona Dranes, the unknown stepmother of barrelhouse piano, as well as the milestone of African-American sacred music. Difficult to digest, yet fascinating from both the historical and cultural viewpoints, are the choirs of the so-called sacred harp singers, which go as far back as the eighteenth century.

 ll this is seasoned with the best of white production, mainly country in origin, which features historical names, such as Uncle Dave Macon, The Carter Family and Hank Williams.

Not yet satisfied?
Here is the sixth compact disc, which contains the tracks of 25 sermons, as well as their transcriptions and comments made by the well-known musicologist David Evans, who also won a Grammy for the liner notes to the Patton box set. This disc has the inestimable quality of filling a gap in that it constitutes one of the rare opportunities to listen to, and at the same time read, lively sermons improvised by black preachers directly from the pulpit and dealing with 1920s and 1930s topical subjects.

  Among the other reverends, we can appreciate the very popular J. M. Gates who prepares the soul of the congregation for Christmas, the stormy A. W. Nix who warns his congregation not to board the train of sin, the hoarse J. C. Burnett who reminds his disciples not to fall into the trap of gambling, the resolute F. W. McGee who tells the Biblical episode of Jonah in the belly of the whale. There is much more sense of music in these mainly spoken pre-war recordings than in most modern gospel music.

 There are few (if any) compilations of sacred music that can bear comparison with this as for the ratio of quality and price, broadness of music being equal.

Written by Luigi Monge
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Music Maker Records 3 Anthologies

Music Maker Records, as evidenced by their own website, was founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it, ensuring their voices will not be silenced by poverty and time.  Music Maker will give future generations access to their heritage through documentation and performance programs that build knowledge and appreciation of America’s musical traditions.

After twenty years of production has become important, and many artists have had the chance to get to know and appreciate. Some of them were famous even before these recordings, others have been measured after having recorded the discs produced by Tim Duffy for the Music Maker Records.

Suggest and recommend any of these albums become detrimental to all other albums Products ... otherwise, it becomes difficult and expensive to purchase the entire production.

A proper and wise proposal is to listen to one of the numerous anthologies proposed to have an overview of the different artists and styles. These anthologies, which list the most complete and esuarienti, can also be purchased 'on-line' via the website

V.A. - Blues Sweet Blues (2008)
V.A. - Drink House To Church House (2006, 2CDs Set)
V.A. - Expressin' The Blues (1999, Cello Recordings)

The proposed blues is definitely experienced and sincere, the preparation for this music is also due to 'life moments' actually experienced it firsthand. Have the blues have means to describe what life teaches us, sometimes at great cost.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thomas Schleiken - Beech Mountain Hill

Styles : Acpustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2012
Label : Blind Lemon Records

01 - Praying On The Old Camp Ground
02 - Beech Mountain Hill
03 - There's A Table Sittin' In Heaven
04 - From Fout Until Late
05 - Deepwater Horizon
06 - When The Saints Go Marching In
07 - Blessed Be The Name
08 - Sliding Delta
09 - Northwest
10 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
11 - Further On Up The Road

Thomas Schleiken has a gravelly voice that can deliver the blues. There is also a guest harmonica on four of the songs that leads you straight into the blues. But the guitar style is NOT a bottleneck creating searing, echoey acoustic runs, but instead a classic folk finger style technique. This record reminds a lot of someone like Stephan Grossman who has made a career out of using both blues and folk techniques. Everything is sung in English, although his vast live calendar appears to be in his native Germany.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Peter Funk - Slidewalk - The Sound Of Blues & Steel Guitar

Styles : Slide Guitar, Acoustic Blues
Released : 2013
Label : Blind Lemon Records

01 - Doin' My Time
02 - Walking Blues
03 - Bull City Rag
04 - Steel Guitar Rag
05 - The Journey
06 - Cell Phone Baby Blues
07 - Slidewalk
08 - Moana Chimes
09 - Fishing Blues
10 - Down By The Sally Garden - Monkey Let The Hogs Out
11 - Kohala March
12 - Rollin' And Tumblin'
13 - At A Georgia Camp Meeting
14 - Waiting For Louise
15 - Tell Me Mama
16 - Bye And Bye (I'm Goin' To See My Saviour)

An absolute special feature is the game on the lap steel guitar : This instrument is placed after Hawaiian style on your lap, the slides are produced with a Steelbar . Outstanding representatives of this style of play were , among others, Black Ace , Casey Bill Weldon and Oscar "Buddy" Woods.

Peter Funk is a recognized expert in this instrument , author of two corresponding textbooks (published in Schell Music Verlag, Hamburg ) and sought-after workshop instructor .

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

David Evans - Under The Yam Yam Tree

Styles : Acoustic Blues
Released : 2014
Label : Blind Lemon Records

01 - Railroad Blues
02 - Louisiana Blues
03 - Bullfrog Blues
04 - Aunt Caroline Dye Blues
05 - See See Rider
06 - Who Pumped The Wind In My Doughnut
07 - Every Day In The Week Blues
08 - Louise
09 - The Ship Is At The Landing
10 - Careless Love
11 - Catfish Blues
12 - One Way Gal
13 - Canned Heat Blues

David Evans plays blues traditionals and songs from his newly released CD "Under The Yam Yam Tree". The pictures were taken in 2012 at a live concert recording, and show the Blue Master and inspirer of Canned Heat in the best mood to play. David Evans is partially supported by the multi-instrumentalist Lise Hanick (Paris).

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Niels Von der Leyen Trio - Red Line

Styles : Boogie Woogie, Piano Blues
Released : 2011
Label : Selflabel

01 - Boogie in the Barrelhouse
02 - Red Devil Boogie
03 - Roll'em Pete
04 - In a Bluesy Mood
05 - Rush Hour
06 - Jump and Jive
07 - Honky Tonk Train Blues
08 - NBA Groove
09 - Boogie Woogie Stomp
10 - Reflection
11 - Back to the Roots
12 - Red Line Boogie
13 - Yancey Special

Niels belongs to the younger generation of pianists dedicated to the authentic Boogie Woogie & Blues piano. The music of the pioneers Albert Ammons , Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis and the reproduction of their boogie hits such as " Yancey Special" or " Honky Tonk Train Blues " is one of his craft , but also the further development of this passionate music and contemporary involvement

Influences can be heard in his performances and allows him to produce an authentic and unique sound on the piano . His sponsor is none other than Axel Zwingenberger . Niels is happy to see again and again on the big festivals , most recently , he convinced the renowned Blues and Boogie event in Brussels. But this trio is not only traditional, but also bold and innovative ; great fun playing and a lot of energy distinguishes this versatile lineup ! It will be hot!

His sideman Bernd Becker and Andreas Bock cakes are among the most prominent and busiest blues musicians in Germany at all and will accompany the piano virtuoso absolutely emotionally and tastefully . Of course they will also provide a solo show off their skills.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Alwin Schönberger - The Fingerstyle File

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Country Blues
Released : 2013
Label : Blind Lemon Records

01 - Saturday Night Shuffle
02 - Hesitation Blues
03 - Wine Spo-Dee O-Dee
04 - Railroad Bill
05 - My Starter Won't Start
06 - Fishin' Blues
07 - Bad Boy
08 - Deep River Blues
09 - Sugar Mama Blues
10 - Stagolee
11 - Low Down Dirty Shame
12 - When I First Met The Blues
13 - My Creole Belle - Ain't Nobody's Business

Alwin Schonberger presents on the CD "The Finger Style File".
Old-fashioned finger picking style album.
Coverversions of songs performed by Merle Travis(!), Lightnin' Hopkins, Mississippi John Hurt etc. 13 tracks of the finest. On offer old classics as well as a self-composed title.

Live recording of a solo evening at the traditional cafe culture of the ORF RadioKulturhaus - with a lot of acoustic blues and some fingerpicking pieces from legends such as Merle Travis, published in February 2013 the new German blues label "Blind Lemon Records".

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buick 6 - Live At The Telegraph

Styles : Blues-Rock, Contemporary Blues, Country Blues
Released : 2008
Label : Buick Records

01 - From a Buick Six
02 - A Few of Your Lines
03 - Nobody's Fault but Mine
04 - Travelling Riverside Blues
05 - In my time of dying
06 - Nothing Left To Lose
07 - Hellhound on my Trail
08 - Shiftin' Sand
09 - No Bed of Roses
10 - Barrelhouse Woman
11 - Jitterbug Swing

Recorded at Brooks Blues Bar, the Telegraph, Putney Hill London, May 2007

Roger Hubbard : Guitar Mandolin, Vocals
Liam Genockey : Drums, Back up Vocals
Colin Gibson : Fender Bass, Back Up Vocals

About Roger Hubbard
Born in 1950 in Brighton, England, Roger remains one of the UK's major exponents of the slide guitar.
At the age of 15 he was starting to play at folk clubs in the Brighton area. In 1968, continuing an interest in Country and Delta blues, he started his own club above "The Lewes Arms" in Lewes, Sussex. Along with fellow musicians Sam Mitchell and Dick Wardell, the club featured guest performances by Jo Ann Kelly and her brother Dave Kelly, Simon Prager, Steve Rye, Bob Hall, Graham Hine, Andy Fernbach and Tony McPhee (who was later to form the Groundhogs).
The club later moved to Brighton.

In 1971 Roger opened for Muddy Waters at The Gardener Centre, Brighton. He also appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival and on the first pyramid stage at Glastonbury the same year.

In 1972 Muddy Waters was quoted in Sounds Magazine as saying,
"Roger Hubbard is as good as any blues guitarist in the U.K. or the United States".

His first album Brighton Belle Blues was recorded in 1970 by Nick Perls for his US Blue Goose label. Nick was a key figure on the American blues trail, rediscovering the likes of Son House and Skip James. Having played his 1935 National Steel Duolian for many years, Roger now plays an electric resonator guitar of his own design, known as "The Hub" as well as a steel resonator mandolin given to him by the AMI company in Munich.

Roger is currently gigging with his band Buick 6 as well as doing solo and duo work.

His song Home Lovin' Man was recorded by US blues man Eric Bibb on his 2003 album Natural Light .

1971 Brighton Belle Blues - Blue Goose Records
2003 Danger Deep Mud - Deep Mud Records
2007 Out of my Hands - Deep Mud Records

1993 Busy Bootin' (John Pearson & Roger Hubbard) - Taxim Records

(Band) Buick 6:
1989 Cypress Grove - Taxim Records
1995 Juice Machine - Taxim Records
1997 Foolin' With This Heart EP - Taxim Records
2008 Live At The Telegraph - Buick Records

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don Haupt - Steady Rollin' Man

Styles : Acoustic Blues
Released : 2003
Label : Dancing Dog Records

01 - Steady Rollin' Man
02 - Black Betty
03 - Come On In My Kitchen
04 - Katie Mae
05 - Dark Was The Night
06 - Death Don't Have No Mercy
07 - John The Revelator
08 - Travelin' Riverside Blues
09 - Empire State Express
10 - Phonograph Blues
11 - Red Cross Store
12 - Intro
13 - Goodnight Irene
14 - One Kind Favor

Keeping strictly to the tradition of the self accompanied blues-singer, Don Haupt packs the sound and energy of a full band into a one man show. Whooping vocals and a hefty hand on the guitar playing backed by a right foot not just tapping but stomping the stage so hard it is felt through the floor clear into the back row.

Brass slide perched on his pinky and guitar at the ready, the bluesman plays the real thing cause he'slived it.......driving semi-trucks through the mountains of the west, working on Mississippi river towboats, bucking haybales, and washing dishes in a multitude of low-end restaurants. Think of guitar slides cut from whiskey bottles, worn out shoe soles, and prison farm field hollers. Think of the weariness that lies in the hearts of men old before their time and of going down to the crossroads at midnight to give the devil his due.

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Elder Anderson Johnson - Roots Of Sacred Steel

Styles : Postwar Country Blues
Realesed : 2013
Label : Music Maker

01 - God Don't Like It
02 - Elder Anderson Talks About His Childhood
03 - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
04 - Elder Anderson Talks About His Record In 1953
05 - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
06 - Elder Anderson Talks About Faith
07 - Search Me Jesus
08 - Elder Anderson Talks AboutHis Faith Again
09 - Someone Knows
10 - Elder Anderson Talks About His Young Years And Becoming A preacher
11 - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
12 - Elder Anderson Talks About Hitting The Road
13 - My Lord And I
14 - Elder Anderson Talks About Being On the Road
15 - I Can See Everybody's Mother But Mine
16 - Elder Anderson Talks About Coming Back Home And His Past Success
17 - Glory, Glory
18 - Elder Anderson On How He Writes Songs
19 - I'm Going
20 - Elder Anderson Talks About His Guitar
21 - Take This Message To The Other Side
22 - Elder Anderson Is Happy To Rcord Again
23 - Let That Liar Pass On By
24 - Thank You Jesus

Elder Anderson Johnson's talent remembered on Roots of Sacred Steel
Elder Anderson spent his life preaching, singing and playing his steel guitar on the streets of America. He composed his own songs and he attracted the interest of Glory, a local record company owned by Henry Stone that produced a 45 of his song “God Don’t Like It” and others back in 1958 in Miami, Florida, for that label, in addition to the Angel and Deluxe labels. Elder Johnson, who died in 1998, remains a true pioneer of the Sacred Steel music tradition. His singing is rooted in his deep religious faith and his artistic sensibilities ignore popular artistic conventions.

This album includes both Elder Anderson's music and interviews with him, truly a unique portrait of a musical pioneer.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Henry Byrd - Pomegranite Ave

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Country Blues
Released : 2012
Label : Music Maker

01 - Jump Baby Jump
02 - Evening Sun
03 - Busrider Blues
04 - Down The Road I Go
05 - Ain't Got Nobody
06 - Wonder Why
07 - Love Her With A Feeling
08 - My Baby Don't Want Me Around
09 - Shining Moon
10 - Key To The Highway #2
11 - Key To The Highway
12 - Going Back To Arkansas
13 - Evening Sun

Henry Byrd was a true country blues man. A construction worker by trade, Byrd came up playing the blues when some of its greatest artists were performing.
While hoboing through the Great Depression he met up with such legends as Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie McGee, Sonny Terry, Tampa Red and Washboard Sam.
Byrd's musical philosophy was summed up well by Scott Riggan, Byyrd's long time friend and neighbor responsible for the recordings that make up this album, "for him, music was pure: it was fun.
It was about getting together when you weren't working and doing what you loved."

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

George Conner - Brother's Tone

Styles : Down Home Blues, Electric Blues
Released : 2012
Label : Music Maker

01 - Woman I'm Leaving You
02 - Treat Me Like I Treat You
03 - I'm Gone But I Don't Know Where I'm Going
04 - Brother's Tone
05 - I'm Ready
06 - All Night Long
07 - I'm Going Home
08 - Woman Hear My Plea

“Birmingham” George Washington Conner moved from Pickens County, Alabama to Chicago and stayed there close to 30 years where he had his own blues club “The Place.” In the 80s he moved to Memphis for 5 years before moving back to Alabama where he opened another blues club. Unfortunately a few people got killed in it and the joint had to close down. George can be heard every year at the Freedom Creek Festival, in Pickens County, Alabama. Plain electric down home style blues, performing with deep passion.

Guitar, Vocals : George Conner
Drums : Ardie Dean
Harmonica : Jock Webb
Guitar : Gary Edmonds

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Boules Blues Band - Big Bad Boy

Styles : Blues-Rock, Modern Electric Blues
Released : 2011
Label : Kiekie Records

01 - Born Under A Bad Sign
02 - Steelman
03 - Luna
04 - All Your Loving
05 - People
06 - Rainyday
07 - Sinner's Prayer
08 - Last Time
09 - Riot In Cell Block #9
10 - Got My Mojo Working
11 - Boe Boe Boe
12 - Give Me One More Whskey

One of the best blues bands of Holland.
The Boules Blues Band has two people of The BBR band sitting in his company which mainly are not wrong. Ruud Hull is a very energetic drummer and a guitarist Bonne Van Den Heuvel who regularly makes large tongues loose. His great love Rory Gallagher he does not hide or banks but is broadly oriented above. Artistic has to crumble this man at least a lot of milk just read on Google what he has already done Leo Verkruissen is an old hand in the ak and has leapfrogged over Ron Black on bass guitar. These men all have one thing in common and that is that they love the blues and you also hear back on this disk.

Boule (jan Doetjes) : Singer
Bonne van de Heuvel : Solo Guitar
wietse van Foeken : Bass
Ruud Huhl : Drums
Ron Swart : Harmonica