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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don Haupt - Steady Rollin' Man

Styles : Acoustic Blues
Released : 2003
Label : Dancing Dog Records

01 - Steady Rollin' Man
02 - Black Betty
03 - Come On In My Kitchen
04 - Katie Mae
05 - Dark Was The Night
06 - Death Don't Have No Mercy
07 - John The Revelator
08 - Travelin' Riverside Blues
09 - Empire State Express
10 - Phonograph Blues
11 - Red Cross Store
12 - Intro
13 - Goodnight Irene
14 - One Kind Favor

Keeping strictly to the tradition of the self accompanied blues-singer, Don Haupt packs the sound and energy of a full band into a one man show. Whooping vocals and a hefty hand on the guitar playing backed by a right foot not just tapping but stomping the stage so hard it is felt through the floor clear into the back row.

Brass slide perched on his pinky and guitar at the ready, the bluesman plays the real thing cause he'slived it.......driving semi-trucks through the mountains of the west, working on Mississippi river towboats, bucking haybales, and washing dishes in a multitude of low-end restaurants. Think of guitar slides cut from whiskey bottles, worn out shoe soles, and prison farm field hollers. Think of the weariness that lies in the hearts of men old before their time and of going down to the crossroads at midnight to give the devil his due.

original CD from sussex

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