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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Patricia Wilder - Lay Down Daddy

Styles : Blues-Rock, Funky, Soul Blues
Released : 2007
Label : Patricia Wilder

01 - Love Me Like You Say
02 - Be Your Fool
03 - Lay Down Daddy
04 - Ooh Pah Doo
05 - Rock Me Baby
06 - I'm Proud
07 - Change
09 - Heart of Mine

 Pat Wilder is the premiere performer of blues and gospel guitarist and singer in the entire Northern California music scene. Her live show exudes a raw magnetism
that draws her audience in to her inescapable rhythms and hues.

 She sings like an angel on some tunes and a hot howl'n woman on others in her recent cd Lay Down Daddy. Pat Wilder is a virtuoso guitarist who's skills will satisfy the most demanding listener.

 Ms Wilder is also a skilled composer who's compositions can be heard on the music samples. See and hear for yourself why Pat Wilder is a top draw act wherever she goes. Ms Wilder has been a guest performer
worldwide and continues to tour on a regular basis.

 Plans are in the makings for an upcoming tour of southern United States in the spring that includes stops in Louisianna, Mississippi and Arkansas. Our own local/national celebrity blues writer/critic, Ms Dorothy Hill, has written a first person accounting of last year's tour through the same area and reported it in "Blues Art" magazine.

 Patricia Wilder is LIVE every time she steps onstage. Catch up and listen to blues played by a modern master with her band, Serious Business.
Ms Wilder performs regularly in her home city of San Francisco where lucky bluesfans regularly get their fill of that special blend of Wilder magic.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Warner Williams - Christian Jubilee

Styles : Piedmont Blues, East Coast Blues
Released : 2008
Label : Patuxent Music

01 - Sign Me Up for the Christian Jubilee
02 - Amazing Grace
03 - Just a Little Talk with Jesus
04 - What a Friend we Have in Jesus
05 - Last Mile of the Way
06 - I Shall Get Home Some Day
07 - Farther Along
08 - I'll Fly Away
09 - Pass Me Not
10 - Precious Lord Take My Hand
11 - The Old Rugged Cross

 Warner Williams has been plying his musical wares in and around the Maryland-Washington, D.C. area for the past sixtyfive years. Over the last two decades he has partnered with harmonica player and percussionist Jay Summerour. They have established themselves as master musicians equally at home on the festival circuit or at a friend’s fish fry.

 Drawing on an endless repertory of blues, county, jazz, pop, gospel, rock, and even old-time classics, Williams imprints each piece with his own style, the mark of a true songster. Over the course of his life he’s picked up lots of songs and as long as it’s good music, he doesn’t discriminate between genres. He grew up in a profoundly musical family, performing as a youngster at home, church, and on the streets. When he was old enough, he played in jooks and taverns, at times working with various bands. But for the most part, music has been a pleasure and a hobby secondary to a day job and raising his own musical family. Recently retired from the Montgomery County Park and Planning Commission, he can now dedicate more time to playing and expanding his musical reputation.

 Three generations of family-based music provide context for his superb musicianship. His skills and musical choices provide a unique blend of rural and urban and black and white traditions. He admits a preference for older songs that date back as far as the country breakdown
his father once played, but most stem from blues, jazz, country, pop, and rhythm and blues of the late 1940’s and 1950’s. A musician’s musician, his playing and singing appear so effortless that it takes a moment or two to realize just how good he is. With his outsized cowboy hat, boots, jeans and shades, he’s hard to miss; and when he starts to play, whether it’s Blind Boy Fuller, Fats Waller, or Fats Domino, he’s impossible to ignore. Together with Jay Summerour, they are outstanding examples of the East Coast guitar/harmonica duet tradition, and their music reminds us that there are more blues highways than the Delta’s 61 or 49.