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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

José Cruz - Lección De Vida

Styles : Modern Electric Blues, Diatonic Harp
Released : 2009

1 - Intro - Aliento De Fuego
2 - Sobre Mesones
3 - Viaje Personal
4 - Mercado De Angeles
5 - La Bacha
6 - Blues Del Missisippi
7 - Tres Dias
8 - Blues De La Esclerosis
9 - Lección de Vida
10 - Me Quede Sin Ti
11 - Blues Nocturno
12 - Tu Cama
13 - Hay Fuego En Mi Guitarra

 Album review of ymd5270
Often the blues of South America tend to ignore because language. but i think the music is not read the lyric of song but enjoy listening to the melody and rhythm. I would like to recommend Rilke or Yeats if you want good lyric. music is just a music. of course, more would be nice if the lyrics are good. but don't understand the lyrics should not undermine the essence of music. for this reason, i have this album introduces here.

 Listen to "Lección de Vida", "Blues De La Esclerosis", it will bring solace to your mind, also their honesty and solid perfomances will be satisfied with your heart as much as Rilke or Yeats's poetry.

 About José Cruz
José Cruz who come from Mexico insists on wanting to give an example that inner strength is what brings forth any adversity. Thus, their latest album is titled "Lección de Vida", a name similar to the upcoming documentary

 Cruz on three occasions he used artificial oxygen to blow his harmonica, with bent notes that such classics Blue Medicine, Geneva Kiss and Blues Shortcut.

 An independent production company opted to fill the Met with Jose Cruz, now without Real de Catorce, and jammed the streets of Mexico City with propaganda. Almost does the trick, something rarely common within the ranks of foreign music
the big record labels.

 Participants who attended wearing t-shirts, most of them pirated and sold outside of the building, the group Real de Catorce. You could tell the audience dominate the lyrics to album after album of the group, including his latest, which no longer
bears the name of the band, only the leader and creator.

 Cruz accompanied him to nine musicians, all young, members of the group Los Hikuris, which emphasizes the participation of his daughter Maria Jose in the chorus Just spent a serious crisis sclerosis, Cruz stopped playing some of the more rocker songs of his repertoire, which did not happen Friday night. With new arrangements, opened the trunk old blues acclaimed by his followers, including Crystal and Soledad Patios and Sun

 For approximately two hours bluesy leader reviewed his repertoire, though he allowed his daughter, Maria José sang several classics alone, like leaving their legacy in their bluesy tone of voice.

 The artist promised his followers to stay on stage despite the suffering, wanting to quit among those who admire him a "Lección de Vida."

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