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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mariano Massolo - Mariano Massolo Quinteto

Styles : Diatonic Harp (Jazz)
Released : 2009

1 - Shine
2 - After You've Gone
3 - Mateo's Blues
4 - J'attendrai
5 - All Of Me
6 - Exactly LikeYou
7 - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
8 - Since I Don't Have You
9 - I'll See You In My Dreams
10 - I Got Rythm
11 - Blues del Junco
12 - Minor Swing
13 - Pedacito De Cielo
14 - Sweet Georgia Brown
15 - Blues Patán

Massolo Mariano with his quintet, goes through different rhythms and styles such as gypsy swing, waltz Creole, blues, jazz, among others.

The solid interpretive work, its adjusted working versions and delicate shape a material up here, never visited. An album destined, surely, beyond the pleasant surprise, either enjoy it again and again.

Mariano Massolo accompanied on this disc: Ramiro Penovi (Guitar), Eduardo Prado (clarinet), Adrian De Felippo (Bass), Patan Vidal (Piano), Jorge Navarro (piano), Javier Martinez (drums), Jorge López Ruiz (Bass ) Massolo Sebastian (Guitar), Kevin Johansen (vocals), Carlos del Junco (Harmonica), Matías Fernández (Harmonica), Andrew Reboratti (Flute), Maximiliano Padin (Charango).

A little history

Massolo Mariano was born on May 2, 1973 in Buenos Aires. In 1995, formally began the study of percussion, his teacher, Pablo Laporta. In 1997 he began his studies with Kopitinsky Matias, his first teacher of harmonica, and since 2000, will continue studying with Ruben Gaitan.

Oberblow The technique is characterized by making diatonic harmonica becomes a chromatic harmonica, allowing the interpretation of different styles, not so usual for this instrument, such as jazz, bossa nova, tango and klezmer music, or styles closest to the rock, and funk, reggae, or country music.

In 1999 he joined The Nothing, the band led by Argentine-American musician Kevin Johansen, with whom he shares extensive tours throughout the country. In 2002 he traveled to Toronto, Canada to take classes for two months with the great harmonica player Carlos del Junco. Also he shared the stage Flavio Guimaraes in the International Festival of Buenos Aires Harmonic.

* I got this CD from young Brazilian harpblower "Pessoa" 1 year ago.
   Several times I heard at the time as i remember.
   Was smooth, simple music, but very impressed.

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