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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blue Stuff - Altra Gente, Altro Blues

Styles : Chicago Blues
Released : 2008

01 - Soldi
02 - I Che Cultura
03 - C'era Un Posto
04 - Krotal Trophy
05 - Sposta Il Fondo
06 - Boogie Comm
07 - Ricordi Di Blues
08 - Vico Fiorito
09 - Bella Famme 'no Quiz
10 - Smania è Partì
11 - N.O.L.A.

The Blue Stuff was born in Naples in 1982, thanks to the initiative of Mario "Blue Train" Insenga, former animator in a previous musical project that gave life to the Blue Box.

  From the beginning the band is characterized as a blues band faithfully devoted to the Chicago Style, for the first year the activity is almost exclusively live, with concerts in Italy.

 The debut album takes place in 1990 with Chicago Bound, followed by a live album.

 At the end of 1991 created the partnership with Joe Sarnataro, blues, or the alter ego of Edward Jackson, who is struck by the visceral power of composition and performance of Blue Stuff.

 Everything is expressed in 1992 in the record "E asciuto pazzo 'o padrone," the soundtrack of the music“Joe e suo nonno", focusing on the evils of Naples. The collaboration continued for the next two years, with tours that affect Switzerland, Austria and Germany, until the "gioco di finzione" Joe Sarnataro no end.

 Then the Blue Stuff are still on their way, always made the blues, which led them in 1994 to publish "L'acqua e poca" for Sony Music (in which Jackson also sings in the title track), and in 1999 "roba blues "for the Cheyenne Records, reprinting some of their previous albums.

* Original CD from sussex

1990 - Chicago Bound (ristampato nel 2007 dalla Cheyenne Records, CYR 023)
1991 - Live
1992 - E asciuto pazzo 'o padrone (Virgin VDI 135; con Edoardo Bennato; ristampato nel 2004 dalla Cheyenne Records, CYR 014)
1994 - L'acqua e poca (Sony Music; ristampato nel 2006 dalla Cheyenne Records, CYR 016)
1999 - Roba blues (Cheyenne Records, CYR 010)
2008 - ...Altra gente...Altro blues... (Cheyenne Records, CYR 025)

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