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Monday, September 20, 2010

Buddy Blue - Sordid Lives

Styles : Jazz Blues, Swing, Jump Blues
Released : 2003

01 - Upsettin' Me
02 - Conversation With the Bottle
03 - Horn Rims
04 - Jesse's Back in Town
05 - Uptown at Minton's
06 - St. James Infirmary
07 - Monk Side Story
08 - Nobody
09 - Baby's Got the Blues
10 - Blues in the Night
11 - Pray for Rain
12 - Slim Jam
13 - Wretch's Lament

 Buddy Blue'sfirst all-jazz album, "Sordid Lives" is a hip, subterranean journey back to a time before jazz had any unfortunate adjectives such as "smooth," "acid" or "fusion" attached to it. From the beat poetry of "Conversation With The Bottle" to the cool thrum of "Horn Rims;" from the mania of "Saint James Infirmary" to the atonal astonishment of "Uptown At Minton's," Blue pays homage to jazz roots with all the passion, style and irreverence that fans have come to expect of him. Includes both new material and jazz re-arrangements of many of Blue's best-known tunes.

* Sordid Lives - Buddy Blue
(Bizarre Planet Records, 2003)
* Pretend It's Okay - Buddy Blue
(Clarence Records, 2001)
* Dipsomania - Buddy Blue
(Clarence Records, 1999)
* Greasy Jass - Buddy Blue
(Clarence Records, 1997)
* Dive Bar Casanovas - The Buddy Blue Band
(Bizarre/Planet Records, 1994)
* Guttersnipes 'N' Zealots - Buddy Blue
(Rhino/RNA Records, 1991)

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