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Monday, September 20, 2010

Motor City Josh & The Big 3 - It's a Good Life

Styles : Modern Electric Blues
Released : 2010

1 - Let It Roll
2 - It's a Good Life
3 - It's Just Another Rainy Day
4 - All Roads
5 - Lola Jeanne
6 - Big Girl Part 1
7 - I Hung My Head
8 - Cakewalk Into Town
9 - I'm Tryin'
10 - Lucky Mutha Foya
11 - Hula Hoop Champion
12 - ATL Family 2010
13 - Pawn Shop Blues
14 - Crazy Love
15 - Big Girl Part 2

Josh is a straight up singin', guitar slingin', songwriting, crowd-pleasing Blues man. Son of a preacher man and woman, at 35 Josh has achieved incredible success and proves to be one of the most skillful yet animated Blues performers around. An absolute entertainer, Josh manages to keep everyone happy no matter what their age, race, or music taste - Everybody loves him!

 Having played all over the US and in Europe since 1989, his fan base continues to grow and grow, as do his CD sales. Josh has recorded 9 albums and sold over 100,000 copies through his website motorcityjosh and at his shows.

 Josh is popular for both his award winning - Memphis International Blues Finalist 2003 - foot stomping down-home Blues solo acoustic act, and his electrifying 'Funky Blues You Can't Refuse' 4-piece band.

 The Detroit native spent 10 years working up a MCJ frenzy in the Motor City area, then moved to Atlanta in 1999 to do the same. Based in Chicago briefly and now back in Detroit - he's at it again, doing what he does best.... making people smile, dance, laugh and request his songs again and again!

*from azzul

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