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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sébi Lee - Dance That Boogie

Styles : Boogie Woogie
Released : 2008

1 - Double Boogie
2 - Shake Rattel & Roll
3 - Try Me
4 - I'm Crazy About You
5 - Neverending
6 - Sleepwalk
7 - I'm Ready
8 - Jungle Boogie
9 - Maurine
10 - Allright Tonight
11 - Still Waiting                        
12 - Dance That Boogie
13 - Watermelonman
14 - Break Out Boogie

After an accident in 1993, Sebi Lee , age of 16 is obligated to stay home and to take it easy. No football, no skateboarding... He listens to music and decides to learn to play the piano. As soon as he could go out, he went to a lot of gigs in the Piano-Bar and other places in the capital. During this gigs he tries to grab his chance and play a song or two with the band. After a year Sebi has his own band with regular musicians.
Now he plays the piano, guitar and sings rock'n'roll in a way that reminds you of Jerry Lee Lewis but he does it all with his own personal touch. He brings songs of big stars from the fifties in his way. On top of that, he writes and composes his own songs, they take you back in another period. He is very concerned about his audience and wants to give them a fantastic performance like the stars from the fifties. He plays with his head, his elbows, his feet and at the same time with his hands.
Where ever he performs, the audience gets carried away, everybody starts to dance because they just simply can't sit still. At the moment, he is busy with releasing a new CD. This will mainly contain own songs

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