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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ruben Gaitan - Blues

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2007
01 - A Laburar
02 - I'm Ready
03 - Got My Mojo Workin´
04 - John Henry
05 - If Trouble Was Money
06 - Bright Lights, Big City
07 - Checkin´On My Baby
08 - Cross Eyes Cat
09 - Big Boss Man
10 - Creeper Creeps Again
11 - No Me Digas
12 - Mistery Train
13 - Bolteate

He studied at the conservatory classic period of three years, piano, guitar, theory, music theory and one year of vocals and singing. Ruben Gaitan was launched in 1992, the study of bluesy harmonica and chromatic. Two years later, he received private lessons from James Cotton, one of his visits to the famous musician was to Argentina. So did Bruce Ewan on harmonica Washington DC, with whom she studied for improvement. He also took private lessons with Billy Branch, Flavio Guimaraes, Ranful Neal and Little Mack Simmons.
In 1994 she began teaching classes for beginners diatonic harmonica. In 1996, having specialized in top-level musicians, began giving classes, and not only beginners but also advanced and professional musicians. It is one of the first Argentine harmonica incorporating techniques such as block language, tongue trills, polyrhythmic, etc. and bring your instrument as the cornerstone and leader of a band. That led him to sign contract with SA Breyer, representatives of the Lee Oskar brand in Argentina. In 1998 he specialized in the study of tuning, repair and maintenance of diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. In September of that year he was summoned by the company Data Music, HOHNER brand representatives in Argentina, with whom he signed a contract for two years. In March 2000 gave tuning clinics, repair and maintenance of the instrument. Renewed contract with the firm HOHNER, began touring the countryside, an activity that continues to make today. In 2002, with his brother Javier Gaitan repairer mounted harmonica and starts with making microphones, belts and other products for harmonica.
In the 2004 - 2005 is organized by the producer Polka (Adri? Suar) to perform various tasks, the most recent is "Winds Of Water" (released in June 2006) where he worked as actor couch harmonica Paul Rago.
Has the end of 2005 temporarily interrupted his musical to address one of the most important of his career so far, "Prime Instituto Argentino De Harmonica" in May 2006 ended his dream is beginning to work in Federal Capital (heart Buenos Aires) adding every day more and more students to the many people who years ago took class with Ruben Gaitan.

Regarding his musical career in 1994 joined the acoustic trio "The Barrelhouse" (with Marcelo Telechea on piano) in 1994-1995 "The Suburban" in 1995 was hired by the Blues Special Club "to integrate band of the same name. In 1996 he created "Ruben Gaitan and Betty Blues Band", hired by the Pub of the same name. Bracket was Eddie King, Larry Mc Cray, Phil Guy, Blues Ethyl, Sherley King, Billy Branch, Bruce Ewan and others. He was a musician of the band that accompanied David Mayers in his visits to Argentina. Performed acoustic shows with Ricardo Tapia, the leader of "Mississippi." In 2000 he created "Ruben Gaitan Blues Band." During 2003 and 2004 he was invited by "TURF" which performed at the Luna Park and Cement. And by "Mice Parade" in Works, Quilmes Rock 2003, etc.
In March 2005 he was summoned again by Juansa (Ratotes Paranoicos), along with Deborah Dixon, Miguel Botafogo, Alejandro Lerner, Andres Calamaro, Fernando (Catupecu Machu), Luciano Napolitano, etc, to do three shows in Works, introducing her spinning disks . In 2006 he was invited to the DURABEAT, with Gillesppi, Luis Alberto Spineta and Charly Garcia, where the Beatles tribute show in the ND ATENEO.

In their history record, has three CDs, recorded with various configurations, ranging from traditional blues to Chicago blues. The first "Ruben Gaitan Blues" was recorded in 1998 and the second "100% Blues," contains a compilation of various recordings ranging from 1994 to 2001 and the third in vivo in Bartolomeo, where cycles conducted during the year 2003.

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