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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awek - It's Rollin'

Styles : Diatonic (Blues)
Released : 2010

1 - Let's Rock
2 - I Cry All Day Long
3 - Play With Me
4 - You Think
5 - Hush Your Mouth
6 - Magic Night
7 - Walter's Mood
8 - Telephone Blues
9 - My Sleepy Girl
10 - Be A Good Man
11 - Queen Of My Night
12 - If I Had To Tell You
13 - Mind Your Sleep
14 - Looking For You Pretty Mama

AWEK With seven albums and 16 years of experience behind 'em, spreading the good word of the little blue note, Awek Have Acquired a strength and maturity of Their peers worthy! On The Other Side of the Atlantic. Their musical style is explosive cocktail year, a melting pot of grooves and feelings, mingling and classicism Originality, passion and soberness, orthodoxy and personal impressions

AWEK is one shot of the best bands in blues Europe, because it draws its strength from the exp experience, his passion in me, his playing in the motion and skill in the art of an authentic blues and terribly current "

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