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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elvin Spencer - Picking Up The Pieces

Styles : Soul Blues
Released : 1996

1 - Sweet As The Days Go By
2 - Tonight's The Night
3 - Picking Up The Pieces
4 - She's Better Than You
5 - Running The Game
6 - Give Yourself A Chance
7 - Baby Dont Hold Back
8 - Welcome Home
9 - Slow Night In Memphis
10 - Heart Of Stone
11 - What You Mean To Me
12 - Dont Look Back

 Elvin Spencer is the real deal. There's very little "filler" on this album. From Elvin's soulful rendition of the Rod Stewart classic, "Tonight's The Night" to the R&B laced title track, virtually every song stands out. There are no synthesizers or other electronics; just a "real" soul singer backed by "real" (fine)musicians, playing "sweet" soul music. Quite refreshing. (And the production/mixing at the world famous "Sun Studios" is excellent, too)

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  1. Wow! Do you have a download link for this please?
    Thanks Espanadadude