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Monday, September 20, 2010

Geoff Bartley - Blues Beneath The Surface

Styles : Folk Blues
Released : 1994

1 - Hallelujah I Just Love Her So
2 - King Jelly's Good Morning Irene Song
3 - It'll Be Me
4 - Blues Beneath the Surface
5 - Don't Want To Know
6 - Up Here with the Moon
7 - Praying Mantis
8 - Bozos on the Road
9 - Nadine
10 - First Ride
11 - On the Run Too Long
12 - Bullfrogs on Your Mind
13 - Back in Your Arms Again
14 - Light On the Earth
15 - Who Should Know
16 - The Language of Stones
17 - Tell It Like It Is

 Blues Beneath the Surface (1984) is the first recording by Geoff Bartley. Reissued on CD in 1994 by Swallowtail Records in Minneapolis, Blues Beneath the Surface showcases Bartley’s signature touch on hot blues (Blues Beneath the Surface, Hallelujah, Nadine, Back in Your Arms Again), poignant love songs (Who Should Know, Light on the Earth, Up Here with the Moon), humor (Bozos on the Road, Bullfrogs on Your Mind), and personal explorations of the inner world with a distinct mystical edge (The Language of Stones, Tell It Like It Is).

 Several of Bartley’s songs from this project have been recorded by other artists, and the title instrumental was awarded a top prize in Performance by the 1998 Billboard Magazine Song Contest. Five bonus songs were added when the LP was reissued on CD. Production treatments ranging from solo acoustic guitar to full band and the use of some unusual instruments make this varied 17-song collection an excellent introduction to Geoff Bartley’s work.

*Original CD from sussex

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