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Friday, June 17, 2011

Red Rooster Revisited with Sture Elldin - It's A Good 'un

Styles : Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues
Released : 2004

01 - Lonely Teardrops
02 - Sugar Sweet
03 - She's A Good `un
04 - I Fell So Good
05 - 300 Pounds of Joy
06 - Let Me Love You Baby
07 - Mojo Man
08 - I Want Somebody
09 - All Your Love
10 - Sit Down Baby
11 - One More Drink
12 - I'm A Business Man

Red Rooster Revisited play traditional Chicagoblues, with influences from all those great blues musicians like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Magic Sam, B B King, and so on. The band consists of Björn Elldin (guitar, vocals), Per Ängkvist (guitar, vocals), Andrea Ängkvist Resch (piano/organ), Lars Persson (bass) and Per Lindberg (drums) – all of them great musicians who have been playing the blues for quite a while.
Björn Elldin, younger brother to the legendary harmonica player Sture Elldin, grew up with the blues, listening to his elder brother Sture’s records already as a little kid. Only 17 years old he was asked to play in Chicago Express when one of the regular members went ill. Also the other members of the band are all well-experencied musicians who have played the blues in lots of different constellations.
Everything started in 2001 when Björn and Lars, who had been playing together for a while, formed Red Rooster Revisited. After a while Andrea joined the band, followed by Per Ä. and Per L. Since then we have had much fun playing together, a feeling we want to share with our audience. Many people think that blues is sad music – nothing could be more wrong! Blues is like life in general,
The band has been around since 2001 but appear in several different forms. Members are now divided between Malmo and Stockholm. They often perform as a trio, but also as a quintet with the strengthening of the pair Ängkvist from Stockholm.

Björn Elldin: guitar / vocals;
Lasse Persson: Bass
Per Lindberg: Drums
Per Ängkvist: guitar / vocals
Andrea Ängkvist Resch: piano / organ
Sometimes amplified band of Sture Elldin on harmonica pillar

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