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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jenny Bohman - Live At Mosebacke

Styles : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2011

01 - The Party is Over
02 - Billys Walk
03 - Coming Home
04 - I Just Want Youre Money
05 - Another Woman
06 - Waste
07 - I Wanna Be Loved
08 - The Reason Why

Although the year was 1977 not listening all Swedish high school kids on the punk. Some discovered the blues instead. Jenny Bohman saw a friend fall at a piano and just, completely out of hand, she began driving boogie woogie. Without scores! Jenny was flabbergasted. She had been playing classical piano since she was small and had been able to get through the whole "Für Elise" even as a ten year old, with all the crescendos and diminuendon and everything. Now she tried to learn to play piano boogie but it did not work at all. So Jenny ended with piano. And started with the guitar instead. This time without any notes. Blue Tradition must be learned by other means.

Harmonica came a few years later, when she traveled around by train and decided to stay a few months in Paris. She lived at the Pompidou Center with a bunch of bohemians. Portrait Painters, hobo and street musician. Fakirs used to let Jenny take on their bodies, or hold her high above their heads as they walked on broken glass. She was short and dilute, so she worked well for the task. She also had to borrow a harmonica from one of the street musicians. When she came home to Stockholm again harmonica was her main instrument.

In the late '80s and early '90s, there were actually people who could support themselves full time as a blues musician. The blues had a strong period. Jenny resigned from his job at a service to tour with Monaco Blues Band in a large, converted coach. Germany was an important market. Was once the main act on a motorcycle hit in Berlin and played for 25 000 German bikers. They cheered just as much to Jenny for the Polish and East German strippers who had acted "dressing".

But Jenny never came to be associated with the large format. Blue scene would shrink, and in a genre that was already commercially slim established herself in an even narrower subgenre: country blues. It was so narrow that it was difficult to know what at all to do with it. Not even the blues festivals, it felt natural. Blues Festival will be easy röjiga. Then took her other projects, Little Jenny & The Blue Bean's better. In the case of country blues so you can say that it was Jenny Bohman, who made the music in Sweden. There was no precedent, and now when she died, it is nobody else on tour.

During the period between the recording and release of her solo album "Coming home" was her producer and fellow musicians Tomas Almkvist suddenly removed. It was now she was told that she had suffered one of the most malignant forms of cancer there is. She was very anxious to get their slice of time, and the release show of "Coming Home" in October last year was an intense concert loaded with life and death. Although the concert is now released on disc.

Recorded live at the famous Mosebacke in Stockholm, Sweden, friends, family and fans of Jenny's crowded the room, but you could still sense the common sadness that this person who was loved so dearly was stricken with cancer. Then Jenny took to the stage.

Jenny Bohman (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Brian Kramer (guitar, slide guitar)
Christer Lyssarides (guitar)
Mats Qwarfordt (harmonica)
Björn Lundqvist (upright bass); Kjell Gustavsson (drums)
Michael Blair (percussion)

Tips of ymd5270
I did not know this CD made a live stuff before i see the title. because am i stupid?
Absolutely no.
This CD enough to cause such a mistake.
Very elegant, simple and clean sounds, understated performances...album of the year until now, although in my opinion.
Indeed, difficult to meet with excellent CD in these days, recommend this CD strongly!

Unfortunately she died.  this is her last's a pity.

Original CD from sussex

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