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Friday, June 17, 2011

Caro Bluesband - Gezeiten

Styles : Modern Electric Blues(Diatonic Harp)
Relaesed : 2010

01 - Hey Du
02 - Ex Millionär
03 - Älterwerden Blues
04 - Der Eu Und Der And're
05 - Globsch Du Des
06 - Katerfrühstück
07 - Alkohol
08 - Kniefall Blues
09 - Hint'nrum Und Saudumm
10 - Bleder Hund
11 - Hör Mer Auf
12 - I Will Mei Ruh

Since 1985 the original band with immense enthusiasm and resistance represented in the circus roots. The band was formed by Carin and Roland Bertenbreiter and are now on the white-blue is known beyond borders.
Builds on blues and boogie. A new impetus from the old riffs, sometimes with Swing touch, sometimes with Rhythm and Rock. Unkempt and rough, light and loose, creative and varied, with recognition potential is grooving across the floor. Live they are frankly and honestly, just heart and soul into it!

1 comment:

  1. it's a wonderful cd in german language.
    Blues-Harmonica, Guitar, Piano and the Voice is great.
    The Finder