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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chris Harland Blues Band - Chris Harland Blues Band

tyles : Modern Electric Blues
Released : 2010

01 - Honey Hush
02 - My Love For You
03 - Five Long Years
04 - Hume Highway Blues
05 - Crossroads
06 - Blues Guitar

Chris Harland, blues vocalist and guitarist, formed the CHBB in Brighton, England in October 2003. Joined by Christopher Harland playing Bass Guitar they initially performed as a duo until March 2004 when they were joined by Mike Townsend on drums. Their articulate and sensitive playing demonstrated influences from masters of the blues such as Robert Johnson, Freddie King, Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton. CHBB played an exciting mixture of original songs and cover versions of blues classics with the sound and musical style of the Chicago Electric Blues. During 2004-2007, the trio played over 100 live performances and produced two albums. In June 2007, the band retired and Chris took his blues to Canberra in Australia. Mike Townsend is now playing Rock 'n' Roll and Christopher Harland is taking a rest from live performance.

The simplest formula. The maximum impact. The Chris Harland Blues Band has the command and the precision to nail every number they play. Every CHBB set remains a memorable, musical event, revisiting the best of the Blues standards: B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters the list is long, the excitement sustained.

UK guitarist Chris Harland brought to Oz the tradition of British-made Electric Blues, the authentic riff-driven Chicago sound, a high-voltage heritage of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Peter Green.

Bassist Paul Leeder has backed the best: Jeff St John, Wendy Saddington, Angry Anderson, the O'onnell Brothers. Paul's bass drives The Chris Harland Blues Band like a diesel locomotive, smooth and strong as a polished steel rail.

Mitch has been on the live music scene since 1975. He's just about played it all: rock, jazz, blues, reggae, funk, country, big band - even the odd stage production.

The CHBB sound is strong; assured; enticing. When this trio works a room, people buy another drink, move towards the music, applaud and shout for more and they spread the word.

Chris Harland - Guitar & Vocals
Rick Millband - Drums
Paul Leeder - Bass Guitar

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