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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pianoman Dan Gillogly - Expectin' Your Acceptance

Styles : Piano Blues, Boogie Woogie
Released : 2008
Lable : Swee Lin Roc Records

01 - Expectin' My Acceptance
02 - Can't Leave Me (But You Leave Me Alone)
03 - Won't You Please Come Home
04 - Choices
05 - Sally 'n' Billy
06 - Losin' You
07 - Livin' Life Today
08 - Tell Me Tell Me

Pianoman Dan Gillogly has been making a living in music for over 30 years. Based in Chicago as a singing piano player forced him to remain versatile so he could work a lot!  Then in June of 2008 he dislocated his elbow and tore ligaments while cycling.
It kept him from playing and working for over 4 months. During that time he had a chance to reflect. He realized making a living performing music was pretty cool, but when was he going to go back to playing more of the songs he wrote? So this album is the first release in over 15 years for Pianoman Dan. Eight original blues & boogie tunes including 2 ballads; one a very true story of a good friend of his who is 'Livin' Life Today' because of a lung transplant. It is a record he has been wanting to put out for a long time now. The blues and the boogie patterns have been a staple of his repertoire now through all the gigs in bars, brothels and corporate parties.

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