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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Buckwheat Shaker - Sin Talk

Styles : Blues/Rock
Released : 2005
Lable : Red Moon Recordings

01 - Hole Walkin'
02 - Bar Room Queen
03 - Lonely Man
04 - Chi Town
05 - Swampwater & Wiskey
06 - Sin Talk
07 - My All
08 - Swing Blue
09 - Vodoo Critter
10 - Bring it
11 - Crawlin'

Buckwheat Shacker is a project that producer/guitarlist Phil Robins has
create with other talent : Doug Haberle, Janina Williams, Matt Farren, and
George Williamson. Thier lyric and vocal ability has made it possible
for this collaborative project to be a success.

This CD deals with totally digital compositions, except for the guitar and vocals.
The ability to mix different instrumentation and vocals digitaly is what make
this a complete composition. Each track was original in its conception and recording.
With the use of ingredients were added and mixed to create each track.

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