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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bert Deivert - Kid Man Blues

Stlyes : Acoustic Blues (Mandolin)
Released : 2011
Lable : Hard Danger

01 - Goin' Down South
02 - State Street Pimp
03 - Rob And Steal
04 - Come Back Baby
05 - Kid Man Blues
06 - Keep On Truckin’
07 - Cypress Grove
08 - Lula
09 - Diddie Wah Diddie
10 - Death Letter
11 - Special Agent
12 - Nongharn Blues

At first glance “Kid Man Blues by blues mandolin man Bert Deivert is fine easy listening collection of acoustic based blues delivered front porch style with a live off the cuff feel. But when you dig deeper into the liner notes you find there is more to the story and the album becomes the portrait of a man on a global quest to find the source elements that drive his passion for the blues. Deivert traveled the globe, recording in Sweden, Germany, Mississippi and Bangkok to collaborate and commune with like minded souls who celebrate the blues with the same fire. Opening with R.L Burnsides “Goin’ Down South,” featuring the ghostly wail of the lap steel alongside his mandolin that ramp up vibe of this call and response chant, setting the stage for what is to come. Big Toe Studios in Duncan Mississippi was site for delta style jam session that produced foot stompers “Rob and Steal,” and “Lula,” with the late Sam Carr on drums. Dievert sites Carl martin as the prime influence on his blues mandolin and this reading of Martin’s “Kid Man Blues with help from My Sohlin and Memphis Gold on vocals could serve as an archetype for the genre. Most intriguing is how Deivert captured the ghost of Skip James and his 1931 classic “Cypress Grove,” in Bangkok with help from Dulyasit “Pong” Srabua on guitar. Who knew the Delta had move to Thailand. Kid Man Blues shows us that the mandolin is the oft forgotten right hand man of traditional acoustic blues that sits perfectly alongside slide and nation guitar, and Bert Deivert is a man on a mission to keep it alive and kicking.

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