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Friday, March 8, 2013

Good Time Charlie - Garage-A-Go-Go!

Styles : Bluesrock
Released : 2011
Lable : Good Time Music

01 - Net-Zombie
02 - High-Jiver
03 - News For You
04 - Cold Shivers
05 - Shine
06 - Time-Squeezer
07 - Red Lights
08 - Gone
09 - Garage A Go-Go
10 - Horse
11 - Told You Twice
12 - Ditch Diggin'
13 - Part Of My Game

 After close to thirty years on the road as one of the premier Norwegian bands who started out taking their musical inspiration from  American 50-s & 60s soul, savage rock & roll and rhythm & blues, Good Time Charlie are ready with thirteen brand new songs saturated with energy and magical charm.

  Good Time Charlie has been described as “honest tradition-bearers with great love and respect for their craft”, at the same time being able to renew themselves and take the music further in a genre where originality and new ways of thinking have been rare for many years.

Garage-A-Go-Go! is a fusion of the raunchy garage rock of the 60s and the explosive and energetic sounds of soul  music? in a word: Grage Soul. A good tip for a good time!
After having taken a new course with the critically acclaimed Norwegian grammy-nominee Mojo Energy in 2008, this Garage-A-Go-Go! release is a stylish and uncompromising musical experience of unashamed high energy. Purified, unadulterated real music!

 The band has a strong focus on obtaining the enormous power arising from a successful chemistry between the performing and expressive potential of the bandmembers  and the music itself, giving the lyrics and music a strong inner core.

The album was recorded at the legendary Duper Studio and produced by GTC and Yngve Leidulv Sætre (DumDum Boys, Kaizers Orchestra, deLillos, Datarock, Magnet).

Yngve Sætre has once again created a fresh, state of the art production, capturing and enhancing  the characteristic and authentic  Good Time Charlie-sound.

Personnel Arle Hjelmeland  -  vocals,  harmonica
Steinar Karlsen  -  guitars, vocals
Einar Olsson  -  drums, vocals
Morten Skage - bass, vocals

original CD from sussex

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