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Monday, March 25, 2013

Boogielicious - Route 88

Styles : Piano Blues, Boogie Woogie
Released : 2010
Lable : Herzel Records

01- Dadlow
02 - Shake Rattle ' n roll
03 - Swingy Thingy
04 - State Street Special
05 - Route 88
06 - The Boogie Woogie blues
07 - Dave Speaks
08 - Flip Flop and Fly
09 - AA Booghee
10 - Sweet Patootie Boogie
11 - Eeco's Boogie
12 - Low Street Blues
13 - The Boogie Woogie Rocks
14 - Summertime

Eeco Rijken Rapp (NL) :
Eeco studied classic piano for over ten years.
At the age of sixteen, after attending a concert of jazz pianist Rob Agerbeek he decided to switch to jazz and boogie woogie
He is specifically known by boogie woogie connoisseurs for playing the authentic style from the era of celebrity Albert Ammons. They also recognize the very fluent and seemingly effortless way he plays the piano.
As from the first publication in 2006, his video’s and boogie woogie lessons on Youtube immediately drew and keep drawing the attention of many from all over the world.
Since then he performed at many jazz and boogie woogie occassions all over Europe, such as festivals in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Holland.

David Herzel :
Eeco is supported on drums by David Herzel (Germany) He is certainly one of the most astonishing drummers of our time with a mind boggling concept of time, creativity and speed. David is a professional drummer for more than 20 years, a lot of people will know him from "The Original Contemporaries".

Betram Becher:
Bertram Becher played the keyboards in many different bands since he was 15 - ranging from "Beatles" to Rock. At the age of 24 he found the harmonica and it grew to be his first instrument. Since then Blues and Boogie were his first choice. He wrote the "Interactive Blues Harp Workshop" (CD Rom, Voggenreiter) together with world-class harmonica player Steve Baker in 1998.

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