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Monday, March 4, 2013

Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder - Live At Blues Baltica ... On The Way To Memphis

Styles : Piano Blues, Harmonica Blues
Released : 2010
Lable : Analoghaus

01 - Sunnyland
02 - All Night Long
03 - Little Piece Of Paper
04 - Long As I Can See The Light
05 - Sugar & Spice
06 - Talk To Me
07 - Rush Hour
08 - Can't Be Satisfied
09 - Shake Your Boogie
10 - Runnin' On Faith
11 - Rock'n'Roll Queenie 

 Pianist Georg Schroeter and harmonica player Marc Breitfelder made history this past February, as they became the first Europeans to win the International Blues Challenge. Representing the Baltic Blues Society in Northern Germany, they took the title competing against approximately 100 solo/duo acts from around the world. Their most recent release, Live At BluesBaltica . . . On The Way To Memphis, captures their live performance to perfection. Though this recording is not only the pair, as it also includes David Herzel playing behind them on drums, they are at their peak here.

 This is the band’s third live recording, which in all reality is the absolute best way to hear their music. Georg Schroeter is an exceptional pianist with strong vocals. Marc Breitfelder’s harmonica work is incomparable; he reach notes that soar well beyond the normal plain with such ease he appears to hardly be drawing any breath. Together they have been working with one another for twenty-one-plus years and make for a very fascinating sound that keeps the performance rolling and exciting as brilliantly displayed on this release recorded at the 2010 Eutin Blues Festival.

 The performance contains a nice blend of original music and covers. What is exceptional here is the songs they have selected often are better known as guitar pieces which have cleverly been reworked to fit in their duet mixture, with Schroeter’s piano assuming the lead lines. Songs to note being done in this manner include tasty takes on Elmore James’ “Sunnyland,” Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied” and Eric Clapton’s “Runnin’ On Faith.” Love the honky-tonk roll that Schroeter takes during “Can’t Be Satisfied.” One of the most noteworthy covers has to be John Fogerty’s “Long As I Can See The Light,” which Schroeter delivers in his own personalized, beautiful incarnation. But the duo’s original songs are not to be overlooked either. “Sugar & Spice” is a romping little number that’ll catch your attention and the harmonica work on numbers like “Little Piece Of Paper” and “Rush Hour” will lead to the question just where does Breitfelder come up with these notes, they far out reach the cosmos and maybe the only other players today who can even compare might be Jason Ricci or Carlos del Junco, but even they may be outmatched. Incredible blowing!

 All in all, Live At BluesBaltica is a tremendous outing for Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder, clearly a convincing showing of why these guys took home the prize at the International Blues Challenge. Not to be overlooked. This disc carries a lot of amazing musical passion, energy and down-right fun.

original CD from sussex

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