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Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Wine Serenaders - D.O.C. - Aged In Barrel

Styles : Acoustic Blues, Folk Blues
Released : 2011
Lable : Totally Unnecessary Records

01 - On The Road Again
02 - Just As Well Let Her Go
03 - I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
04 - Out On The Western Plains
05 - In My Girlish Days
06 - Did You Mean
07 - It Calls That Religion
08 - 8.9 & 10
09 - (When It's) Darkness On The Delta
10 - You Rascal You
11 - Lotus Blossom
12 - Samson & Delilah
13 - Linin' Track

The Red Wine Serenaders could not choose the place best suited to their name and title of the new job, DOC in fact, to record the same: the old station now, a pleasant town at the beginning of the province of Bolzano lies in the valley of the Adige, among huge extensions of vineyards and orchards.

The combo drive from Milan (Veronica Sbergia, Max De Bernardi and Mauro Ferrarese, reinforced by the harmonic recordings of Marcus Tondo) with the permanent presence of the bass "Camuna" Alessandra Cecala, puts on record the feelings and the experience of many evenings spent on tour to Italy and Europe, what emerges is a studio album of rare beauty and elegance, as one that typically comes from a barrel in which aging, without haste, a robust red keep for but also great opportunities to sip when you want to do good. Following the metaphor RWS wine say that the mix generated from their respective experiences and technical characteristics of the musicians is a "Bordeaux blend" which expertly mixes the typical varietals that compose partedo fleshy and fruity elegance and softness of Merlot ( Veronica and Max), with the addition of the structure "bony" and powerfully tannic Cabernet Sauvignon (Mauro) and herbal notes, which give that bit of unpredictability, typical of Cabernet Franc (Alessandra and Marcus).

Folk, blues, ragtime, country, jug band and old time music, which draws freely from the American tradition between the two wars, in short, a melting pot of styles and genres, the band wields an extraordinary skill for variety and intensity of interpretation, are reviewed in the thirteen songs that make DOC a valuable treasure trove of musical knowledge. The selections are assembled in a ladder cleverly designed to give the listener the ups and downs of emotions, typical mood that characterizes their unmissable live set. So we pass from the suggestions jug of On The Road Again, typical of the sound of Memphis, to the swing of Just As Well Let Her Go, ending with the gospel of Samson & Delilah and the intense, amazing, hypnotic linin 'Track, a choral song unforgettable.

Max Mauro and a monstrous show versatility in playing any type of rope (probably also would be able to play a drying rack of clothes!), Their voices are full, rich and well intersect with the beautiful Veronica, capable of addressing the larger genera different, really a singer every day more flexible (also note: his performances with more rock Rusties) and Cecala also surprised at hand, how can we appreciate its workhorse, the traditional lead to success by J. Leadbelly version here in the very western, titled Out On The Wester Plains.

original CD from sussex

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