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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Harmonica Williams - Harmonica Williams With Little Freddie King

Styles : Harmonica Blues, Electric Blues
Released : 1970 (Recorded 1969)
Lable : Ahura Mazda Records

01 - Baby Don't You Know
02 - Juke Boy
03 - Sideways
04 - Declaration Day
05 - Born Dead
06 - The King's Special
07 - Williams' Special
08 - Highway 82
09 - Williams' Goodbye

In 1970, Little Freddie King collaborated  with Harmonica Williams to create “Harmonica Williams and Little Freddie King,” which is believed to be the first electric Blues album recorded in New Orleans.

This recorded on which one can hear the influences of his cousin, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Texas-born Chicago electric blues giant Freddie King.

original LP from sussex

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  1. I was trying to research this artist's discography, and not having any luck at all until I found your blog.

    This was an excellent help for me, and you also included the original album art!

    Thank you for your help!