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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Booker T. Laury & Mose Vinson - Memphis Piano Blues Today

Styles : Memphis Blues, Piano Blues
Released : 1990
Lable : Wolf Records

01 - Booker T. Laury - Next Time You See Me
02 - Booker T. Laury - Big Legged Woman
03 - Booker T. Laury - Blues With A Feeling
04 - Booker T. Laury - Booker T.'s Memphis Blues
05 - Booker T. Laury - Night Time Is The Right Time
06 - Booker T. Laury - Sweet Root Man
07 - Booker T. Laury - You Can Go Your Way
08 - Booker T. Laury - Bookers Boogie
09 - Mose Vinson - Blues Jump The Rabbit
10 - Mose Vinson - Tell Me Like It Is
11 - Mose Vinson - Boogie Woogie Blues
12 - Mose Vinson - Good Morning Memphis
13 - Mose Vinson - 44 Blues
14 - Mose Vinson - 4'o Clock Blues
15 - Mose Vinson - You're Not Too Old
16 - Mose Vinson - Lost My Mule Blues

 Memphis Piano Blues Today collects a number of latter-day recordings from Mose Vinson. Although he's past his prime, the pianist is still in good form and, since he recorded so infrequently as a leader, this is a valuable addition to any serious fan of piano blues and Memphis blues.

 Mose Vinson, one of the best Barrelhouse-pianists. He also spent most of his time in Memphis and made a lot of recordings in the 70s as a solo-artist or as accompaniment of Walter Miller, Dewey Cowley, Ann Pebbles and Miss Van Hunt.

 Booker T. Laury, in his early seventies was discovered by Paul Savarin in took the place as an
intermission-pianist from Mose Vinson in the "Blues Alley". He learned piano mainly from Mose Vinson and Memphis Slim whom he claimed to be his cousin. When he sounded too Old-Time in the "Alley" he started a career as a solo-performer and in the last few years he did many tours in the states and to Europe, doing some recordings and establishing himself as renowned musician in the Memphis scene.

original CD from sussex

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