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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Henry Brown - Henry Brown Blues

Styles : Piano Blues, St. Louis Blues
Released : 2008
Lable : Southland Records

01 - Henry Brown Blues
02 - Got It & Cain't Quit It
03 - Bottled In Bond
04 - Blues For Charlie O'Brien
05 - Deep Morgan Is Delmar Now
06 - Henry Brown Boogie
07 - O'Fallon Blues
08 - My Blues Is In The Bottle
09 - Papa Slick Head
10 - Handyman Blues
11 - Scufflin' Boogie
12 - Henry Brown's Talking Blues

Henry Brown left Tennessee for St. Louis, MO, at the age of 12 and took up the piano while still in school. His playing style, an economical form of piano blues, was taught to him by a Deep Morgan Street blues player known to the public only as "Blackmouth." Brown later worked with St. Louis Jimmy Oden and trombonist Ike Rogers; with Rogers and guitarist Lawrence Casey, he formed a trio called the Biddle Street Boys. He recorded sides (often in tandem with Rogers) with Mary Johnson, among others, in between playing in clubs around St. Louis, where he lived most of his life and worked regularly right up through the mid-'70s.

About CD
Solo piano from St. Louis musician Henry Brown, recorded in 1960. 12 tracks. Apart from a few recordings of long ago Henry Brown has never had an opportunity before to express himself fully on record. A taciturn man he communicates more eloquently in his music than in his taut speech, as his moving playing on 'Got It and Cain't Quit It" or "My Blues Is In The Bottle' testifies. In 'Blues for Charlie O'Brien' he acknowledges his indebtedness to the interest of the detective and slyly jokes about the Police Squad. His inexorable left hand boogie figures are powerfully demonstrated in 'Scufflin' Boogie' whilst he plays 'Handyman Blues' to an unexpected tango rhythm. These and the remaining titles should help to bring Henry Brown the recognition he deserves as a blues pianist of the first importance.

original CD from sussex

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