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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beppe Semeraro & Massimo De Bernardi - Stories We Can Tell

Styles : Acoustic Blues (Diatonic Harp)
Released : 2001

01 - Every Day In The Week
02 - Fishin' Blues
03 - Lawdy Mama
04 - Come On In My Kitchen
05 - Blues When It Rains
06 - One Meat Ball
07 - Ragtime Millionaire
08 - Keep It Clean
09 - I Can't Be Satisfied
10 - Baby Please Gimme A Break
11 - Writin' Paper Blues
12 - Railroad Blues
13 - Somebody's Been Playin' With That Thing
14 - You Can Shake It You Can Break It
15 - Goin' Down This Road

 Beppe Semeraro (harmonica) and Massimo De Bernardi (vocals, guitar), namely the Blue Steam is a duo active for many years, known for their concerts and dissemination. The disk in question was registered in November 2001 by Cris Live Music, a music shop in Milan, and is self-produced and self-distribution. The sound quality suffers a bit 'of the situation "craft" in the sense that the voice comes out a little' dark and sometimes it is very low (we do not know if problems related to direct contact or whether Maximus would sometimes raise the hue the piece).
 The Blue Steam show great harmony and great love for the authors and tracks away from the mainstream. There are only very few pieces known to have already been proposed in numerous cover the rest of the lineup includes blues belonging mostly to the tradition of the Piedmont style, characterized by a hopping picking (often with low-alternate) with hooks to ragtime, a relaxed and harmonious singing and embroider incessantly following the work of guitar and voice.

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