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Monday, June 11, 2012

Eugene 'Lucky' Fluker - Caroll County Mississippi

Styles : Downhome Blues
Released : 2002
Lable : Tee Time Records

01 - I 'm the One You Need
02 - What Up St. Louis
03 - Play That Rock and Roll
04 - Hey Baby Blues
05 - C. C. Rider
06 - Since I Met You Baby
07 - Caroll County Mississippi
08 - I'm in Love with You Honey
09 - Hip Hop

Born and Raised in a small town called Black Hawk in
Carrol County Mississippi (highway 17 near Lexington),
Eugene was the youngest of four brothers and one sister, children of Jesse and Luella Fluker (sharecroppers), deceased in 1957 and 1963. "After working in the fields, at age 13, I saved enough money to go to Greenwood and bought my first box Guitar for $13.95. My cousin John Thurmond (Jagould) taught me a lot. Inspired by blues musicians such as Lightening Hopkins and John Lee Hooker, I always wanted to play and sing the blues".

Eugene was 18 when he came to St Louis and began to play on the bandstand with Ace Wallace, Henry Williams and others noted musicians in St Louis and East St Louis. He continued to play in the metropolitian area until after he met his wife Mattie and began to riase a family which consisted of 4-daughters Avis, Gina, Carmen, and Deloris, a family of six.

After a considerable absence from the music world, Eugene came back, not only performing throughout the St Louis area but recorded a group-CD (Not Over The Hill Yet) with such personalities as Willie Richardson, Johnny Jones and Willie (Green) Allen.

Lucille: Eugene, I know that you already have a Guitar, so why purchase another one named Lucille. "This Guitar was designed by B B King and list for $3,600. I purchased it because you can get just about any sound that you want out of it, including stereo. It also has a cord the allows you to change sound and tone quality. You can even sound like B B King if you have the talent". The picture to the left that we are looking at here is really laid-out, a beautiful guitar and case.

The picture at the top of the page is the Bluesfield Blues Band, the group that Eugene is playing with now.

 Eugene's newly released nine-song CD, Carrol County Mississippi has a picture of himself on the front cover and a picture of his grandson, Michael who plays bass guitar, on the back cover.

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