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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rodrigo Eberienos & Além do Rock - Ao Vivo No Café Etílico

Styles : Harmonica Blues
Released : 2010
Label : Self-Live Recording

01 - Nothing But a Woman
02 - Mustang Sally
03 - Lay Down Sally
04 - Crazy Little Thing
05 - Sexual Healing
06 - Blues Motel
07 - Miss You
08 - Before You Accuse Me
09 - Proud Mary
10 - Shuffle Em G
11 - Evil Way

 Rodrio Eberienos is considered to be among the premier harmonica players in Brazil.
During his 14 years of experience with diatonic and 8 years chromatic harmonicas, he
has practicipated in special recordings for Globo TV on several occasions, in addition
to soundtracks, jingles, commercials, and supporting the records of renowned artists.

 Born in May of 1979, the musician from Rio de Janeiro Started practicing the diatonic
harmonica in 1994 with aid of Flavio Guimaraes and Nilo Guzman. in 1999, he had
the opportunity to learn about chromatic and functional harmonica with Jose Staneck.
He has represented the country twice (1998/2001) at the Society of Preservation and
Advancement of Harmonica (SPAH) and accomplished international recognition.

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